New LEGO Idea Submission Looking for Support: “They Might Be Giants” BrickHeadz

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Following a period of rumor and speculation that took off last month, no further info has come out regarding what LEGO was planning to do about its BrickHeadz line. Was the rumored cancellation still on? Will there be more sets coming in the future instead?

While the fate of LEGO BrickHeadz is still up in the air, a member of the LEGO Ideas platform has presented a Product Idea proposed to be a new BrickHeadz double-set. The subject is Brooklyn’s most famous alternative rock duo They Might Be Giants. The idea is being pitched by ThisMightBeAuto as a tribute to the “geekier side of music”.

This Ideas set comprises the BrickHeadz figure of TMBG members John Flansburgh (with glasses and guitar) and John Linnell (with microphone). They’re also accompanied by the blue canary referencing their song “Birdhouse in Your Soul”. Their clothes are also the same as what they wore in the “Birdhouse” music video.

ThisMightBeAuto also has plans to design additional accessories for the two Johns of They Might Be Giants. Ideas for Linnell include an alternate accordion instrument for his hand and a purple toupee to replace his brown hair.

The Product Idea was submitted very recently, and has just over 600 of the needed 10K support. It has more than a year left to do just that. Fans of LEGO BrickHeadz and TMBG are just what this submission needs to make Review.

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