Pre-Registration Opens for Philly Brick Fest 2019 LEGO Convention


LEGO fan conventions are often among the most heavily attended community events wherever they may be held. At times, the major LEGO fandom gatherings can get so huge that their organizers need participants to register well in advance. How advanced? Sometimes they open registrations the year before the event dates.

This is the case of the Philly Brick Fest of 2019, set to run four days of April next year. They have opened up their info page at Eventbrite this week for LEGO fans looking to participate in the convention events and lock down on display space for their builds.

One reason for the early pre-registration is that at this time the organizers are still offering some plenty affordable rates for participation and exhibit space. This offer is at a limited time, and in later registration periods the fee will be upped incrementally. Early-bird registrants get to pay much less.

At present, a would-be registrant will need only $78 to get access for all four days of the Philly Brick Fest, a display spot, brick badge and the expected bag of goodies. The event will take place April 25-28 at The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks, northwest of Philly.

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