SPOTTED: New LEGO City Sky Police Jetpack (30362) Polybag

Sky Police Jetpack (30362)

The year 2018 is about to come to an end, and with the first day of January 2019, a lot of new LEGO sets will be launched for everyone. Well, that was the default arrangement were it not for some early releases of those same sets in, say, the UK. So in the US, LEGO fans will have to wait for January 1 to get their hands on some of the most impressive LEGO City sets ever conceptualized, with subthemes pertaining to firefighting and law enforcement against tech-savvy crooks.  And following the reveal of the nifty LEGO City Fire ATV (30361) polybag, we now have another polybag that we can add to our collection: the new LEGO City Sky Police Jetpack (30362).

As with the 2019 police-themed sets’ premise of high-tech crime-fighting, this 33-piece polybag has a jetpack-wearing cop taking on a robber stealing money with a drone.

We can likely expect this LEGO polybag to show up on retail, though having it be part of a promotion isn’t out of the question either. The City Sky Police Jetpack (30362) will certainly look spiffy next to other upcoming 2019 LEGO City sets with tech-cops facing tech-criminals: Sky Police Jet Patrol (60206), Sky Police Drone Chase (60207), Parachute Arrest (60208) and Diamond Heist (60209).

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