The LEGO Movie 2 Welcome to Apocalypseburg! (70840) Spotted on eBay!

Welcome to Apocalypseburg (70840)

This next eBay listing finally puts all doubt to rest with regards to a LEGO Movie 2 D2C set. As early as September, we already made mention of a possible a direct-to-consumer (D2C) set that is tied-in with the LEGO Movie 2 sequel. It is somewhat expected considering such a large and promising theme such as this one. Though LEGO has already released a huge stash of new TLM2 sets slated to be available in January, we are yet to see what the theme’s D2C set will be. As it seems, we don’t need to wait that long to have a glimpse at this year’s first direct-to-consumer set. Coming in at 3,178 pieces, we now have our first glimpse at the LEGO Movie 2 Welcome to Apocalypseburg! (70840) set, and a handful of minor spoilers that are revealed through this set. Check out the following images taken from a post uploaded by eBay seller suaresaman.

70840 4

Though not exactly scaled as that from the movie (which will be rather difficult and huge if it will be rendered to an actual LEGO set), the designers were able to accurately copy the head of the Statue of Liberty and add some impressive details on it. Welcome to Apocalypseburg! (70840) also sports several play features that are put together in a modular style building. There are also some interesting building techniques that are highlighted in this set, such as how the arm of the Statue of Liberty is also used as a ladder, and building the head of the statue in such a tilting manner.

70840 1

But what could be the most interesting aspect of the set is its large selection of minifigures: we get to see Scribble Cop, Larry the Barista, Fuse Fulminant, “Where Are My Pants?” Guy, Roxxi, Chainsaw Dave, Mo-Hawk, Harley Quinn, Green Lantern, Wasteland Batman, Lucy and Emmet.

70840 2

70840 3

As mentioned in the trailer, everyone (perhaps with the exception of Emmet) in the once peaceful and thriving town of Bricksburg was definitely affected by the events of Taco Tuesday. The attack of the Duplons really left an impression in the lives of Bricksburg’s minifigure residents. We even get to see a battle-ready Scribble Cop, which frankly, came in as a surprise because as far as the cast is concerned, it is still yet to be revealed whether or not Liam Neeson’s minifigure character will return for the sequel. From the looks of it, we’ll be seeing the split-personality cop once more though it is quite uncertain if he will have a larger role to play in the film.

It’s also a welcome surprise to see “Where Are My Pants” Guy in a new mean-looking garb. He still has his floral shirt on, but now with several leather straps, and of course, minus the pants. By far, it also looks like that this is the first, and perhaps the only set, where we can have Mad Max versions of Larry the Barista and Surfer Dave (now dubbed as Chainsaw Dave). We also get another Wasteland Batman, which first made its appearance in the Battle-Ready Batman and MetalBeard (70836). Overall, it a nice selection of minifigures that complements the wacky tone of the Welcome to Apocalypseburg! (70840) set. I was just hoping that LEGO could have added the Sewer Babies just for good measure.

The eBay listing is still up as of this posting. But at $450 in the secondary market, I guess we’re better off waiting for the official release of this next D2C set. Thanks to Scott for the tip.


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    1. I’m still expecting to have the Assembly Square by April next year, and promised myself that this will be my last, large set LEGO purchase for 2019… but I think I have to take my words back. 🙂

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