LEGO Overwatch Sets Now Available for Preorder at LEGO Shop@Home UK

LEGO Overwatch

First, it had sounded like an April Fools’ joke. Then when confirmation arrived, fans of the colorful online first-person shooter title Overwatch from Blizzard Entertainment were in agreement that it was one of the sweetest new franchise licenses acquired by LEGO. The preview of the first LEGO Overwatch sets and minifigures only whetted collectors’ appetites.

Following some awesome previews in online images and at the 2018 Blizzcon, plus the opening of preorders last month, LEGO has gone the extra mile by having the Overwatch sets listed on Shop@Home be addable to your online shopping bag. Well, at least for LEGO fans in the UK.

LEGO Shop@Home UK has all six LEGO Overwatch sets marked as arriving on January 1 if customers will preorder it now. In comparison, the US Shop@Home only has one set marked as arriving on January 2, one day after its UK release. For the meantime, fans in the US may opt to include these sets in their wishlist.

Here’s a list of the upcoming LEGO Overwatch sets and their Shop@Home listings wherever applicable:

Tracer vs. Widowmaker (75970) – UK £12.9975970 1 1
Hanzo vs. Genji (75971) – UK £24.99
75971 2
Dorado Showdown (75972) – UK £29.99
75972 2
D.Va & Reinhardt (75973) – UK £34.99
75973 1 1
Bastion (75974) – UK £54.99
75974 3
Watchpoint: Gibraltar (75975) – UK £79.99 / US $89.99

75975 1 1

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