LEGO Overwatch 2 Titan Set (76980) February Release on Hold

Way back in September last year, a LEGO set number began floating about online: 76980. It coincided with a change in logo for LEGO Games. The buzz was that the set will be a new addition to the LEGO Overwatch line. Such would be confirmed in the following December, sort of. LEGO announced the coming of LEGO Overwatch 2 Titan (76980). This impressive mech-model set was set to debut this 2022, on February. The source franchise, Activision Blizzard’s multiplayer FPS “Overwatch 2,” has apparently been already delayed to 2023. Now, the tie-in set’s following suit.

Brickset tells us that the planned February 1 launch of LEGO Overwatch 2 Titan set (76980) will be put on hold. LEGO released a statement this past Tuesday saying so, with an explanation that feels rather concerning for the set’s future. Apparently, LEGO is in discussion with Activision Blizzard regarding their licensing partnership. Sadly, this stems from a rash of controversies with the game developer. Until something can be worked out between the two companies however, Titan (76980) won’t be coming out anytime soon. The issues with Activision Blizzard have been going since last year. In fact, collectors were already concerned about whether 76980 will even release upon its reveal.

76980 1

It would be a shame if the LEGO Overwatch 2 Titan (76980) never saw the light of day. The build is rather impressive. And who can say no to another Tracer minifig (and Mei too)? LEGO Overwatch collectors can hope that at least this set will be available sometime soon.

LEGO Games Gets New Logo (And Possible New Branding Purpose) as Rumors Spread of Upcoming “Overwatch” Set

Going into the weekend, LEGO made a little aesthetic change to the logo of one of their more niche themes. LEGO Games has been used to denote videogames in the LEGO style, usually their original creations like “LEGO Worlds.” The previous logo with “Games” set in gold has been replaced with a minimalistic white version. Coming along with this little alteration are speculations that the name will be used for branding new LEGO sets. LEGO already has themes for individual videogame franchises like “Super Mario,” “Minecraft” and “Overwatch.” But the rumor goes that the new LEGO Games branding will be catch-all for upcoming game-related sets.

That’s how The Brick Fan sees it. And it ties into some rumors about new “Overwatch” LEGO sets coming under this new theme branding. German LEGO news site Stone Wars has been abuzz about a LEGO set number, 76980. Apparently it’s for a LEGO Overwatch set similar to the ones that came out in 2019. Stone Wars believes that the set depicts a Null Sector Titan and will release in November 1. It might just be the ticket to reinvest LEGO collectors who also play “Overwatch”. Blizzard is supposed to release the sequel in 2022.

Possible new set aside, the idea that LEGO will use LEGO Games as overall theme for videogame-related releases is sound. Try as might, individual franchise lines like LEGO Super Mario and LEGO Overwatch don’t produce many sets. Eventually they’ll get buried and forgotten under more long-lived LEGO themes like “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter.” Grouping game franchises with licensed sets under LEGO Games might give them more visibility. Then again this is again just rumor and speculation. LEGO Super Mario did just release the Mario 64 Question Mark Block (71395) recently. It’s likely to come down to confirming set 76980.

LEGO and Blizzard Launches Bastion’s Brick Challenge

Here’s something new for LEGO Overwatch fans. LEGO and Blizzard team up once again to bring the LEGO brick in the fast-paced world of Overwatch. The Bastion’s Brick Challenge will run from September 17 to 30 where gamers will have a chance to give Bastion the LEGO treatment with a series of in-game rewards that players can earn. Twitch viewers will also be treated with a handful of LEGO-inspired content by watching their favorite online Overwatch streamers. And to cap it off, you can save up to 50% on LEGO Overwatch sets over at the Blizzard Gear Store in the US. This sale promo is currently running until October 1. So if you’re still looking forward to completing your 2019 LEGO Overwatch sets, then you’re in a for a treat with this heavily discounted sets.

Watch the video below and check out the following press release for more details on the mechanics of the Bastion’s Brick Challenge courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

Build Yourself  Up With Bastion’s Brick Challenge

Grab your bricks and build yourself up by completing Bastion’s Brick Challenge! Play games and watch streams to earn new content inspired by LEGO® – including the new legendary Brick Bastion skin.

From now until September 30, players will be able to earn five sprays, six player icons, and the legendary Brick Bastion skin, for a total of twelve new rewards.

  • BUILD ‘EM UP – Learn how to unlock brand-new Bastion rewards
  • WATCH TO EARN – Earn special Bastion-themed cosmetics by watching Twitch streams
  • SAVE 20% ON LEGO® OVERWATCH! – Learn more about LEGO® Overwatch 


We’re bringing the magic of LEGO® into Overwatch with some LEGO®-inspired content available to unlock in-game. Wins in Quick Play, Competitive Play, or Arcade will all earn you limited-time player icons, sprays, and a new legendary skin: BRICK BASTION!

These special Bastion’s Brick Challenge rewards are a bonus on top of your normal earnings for playing in the Arcade.

Bastion's Brick Challenge


Want more? You can watch Twitch streamers before, during or after matches to unlock even more Bastion cosmetics – we’re bringing you more Twitch Drops every time you tune in to participating broadcasters through September 30 to earn six Bastion’s Brick Challenge sprays!

IMPORTANT: To be eligible to receive these Twitch Drops you must first link your Blizzard account to your Twitch account. Visit the Twitch Connections page to log in and complete the link now.

Bastion's Brick Challenge

Bastion’s Brick Challenge Twitch Drops will be available September 17 – September 30 on select Twitch broadcaster channels—view the full list of participating channels below. Tune in during the highlighted dates and times to support a specific broadcaster, or watch their streams at any point during the campaign to unlock these rewards.

Broadcaster Spotlight Date / Time Channel
Valkia Sept 17 (11:00 PDT – 19:00 PDT)
BrickinNick Sept 18 (11:00 PDT – 17:00 PDT)
Grant Sept 19 (23:00 PDT – 11:00 PDT)
Zondalol Sept 20 (23:00 PDT – 05:00 PDT)
LeeTaeJun Sept 21 (06:00 PDT – 08:00 PDT)
WantedOW Sept 22 (06:00 PDT – 12:00 PDT)
Daniikills Sept 23 (19:00 PDT – 22:00 PDT)
Larihmage Sept 24 (12:00 PDT – 18:00 PDT)
YongBongTang Sept 25 (04:00 PDT – 07:00 PDT)
Drth7 Sept 26 (21:00 PDT – 01:00 PDT)
Ppatiphan Sept 27 (06:00 PDT – 08:00 PDT)
T_Sven Sept 28 (05:00 PDT – 12:00 PDT)
Fenner Sept 29 (06:00 PDT – 18:00 PDT)
Tyr0din Sept 30 (20:00 PDT – 00:00 PDT)


Through October 1, save 50% off the LEGO Omnic Bastion set, and 20% off a selection of other LEGO products, in the Blizzard Gear Store! Promotions apply to the US Gear Store only. Limited international shipping available.

Grab your building bricks, win some games, and keep your eye on the aforementioned broadcaster channels so you can add all of these limited-time cosmetics to your collection.

Now get in there—this challenge ends September 30!

All 2019 LEGO Overwatch Sets Up for Grabs in This Next LEGO Ideas Building Contest

In true Junkertown style, the LEGO Ideas Team has now placed the entire range of 2019 LEGO Overwatch sets up for grabs for those who are tough enough to take on their next building challenge. Beginning July 24 and until August 28, dress up and render your favorite LEGO Overwatch hero in a Junkertown-inspired MOC to have the chance of winning the complete line of 2019 LEGO Overwatch sets. The best part: there will be five winners to be selected to bring home this sweet LEGO prize bundle.

2019 LEGO Overwatch Sets

As part of the winners’ Junkertown loot and bragging rights, they will also receive the limited edition Omnic Bastion (75987). If you recall, this set was exclusively offered to BlizzCon 2018 attendees and was later on listed at Blizzard’s online store.

Additionally, the latest soon-to-be-released 2019 LEGO Overwatch sets – Wrecking Ball (75976) and Junkrat & Roadhog (75977) – will also be given away to the winning entries. These sets are still slated to be released on October 1st, so the winners will clearly have an early try on these sets.

To finally top it off, the winners will also have the chance of having a yet to be revealed LEGO Overwatch exclusive set which contains several pistol elements in unique gold variants. According to LEGO, they will only release 250 box sets with these rare LEGO pieces so this is something that you may want to include in your LEGO Overwatch collection. Though they haven’t specified on what LEGO Overwatch sets these rare pieces will be included, I guess it will be included in the limited edition LEGO Overwatch Tracer set that they will unveil later on. As an added bonus, winners will also get some Overwatch merchandise as proof of being Junkertown’s most awesome LEGO builder.

Just be sure to submit your entries before the deadline on August 28 and to read the entire contest rules and guidelines. Happy building!

Official Product Descriptions for 2019 LEGO Overwatch Sets Published

After a bit of a slip-up from Amazon UK regarding the two, upcoming 2019 LEGO Overwatch sets (they’re listing were eventually taken down from their site), LEGO has now released the official product descriptions for both LEGO Overwatch Wrecking Ball (75976) and Junkrat and Roadhog (75977). I guess the cat is out of the bag already, so to speak. Read on for these sets’ full product descriptions. As a side note, BZ Power reports that LEGO will be hosting a Twitch Rivals Overwatch tournament on July 25, with a special prize provided to the winner. A brick built Overwatch trophy or statue for the winner will be nice.

These 2019 LEGO Overwatch sets will be on display during the San Diego Comic-Con in July and will be available to the general public beginning October 1.

LEGO Overwatch Wrecking Ball (75976)

227 pieces | Ages 9+
$19.99 (USD)
Available October 1, 2019

2019 LEGO Overwatch

Immerse your favorite Overwatch fan in epic missions with this LEGO Overwatch 75976 Wrecking Ball set. Based on the internationally acclaimed team-based action game, this Overwatch toy set transforms from an iron-clad battle mech to a high-speed ball. A fan favorite, Wrecking Ball is piloted by Hammond, a resourceful hamster who pops up from the cockpit just like in the game. With Quad Cannons and four extractable limbs that fold out when transforming into the mech toy, youngsters will love playing with this instantly recognizable model and Overwatch character. Older fans will be excited to show their passion for Overwatch by displaying the set near their gaming setup for all their friends to see.

  • This LEGO Overwatch playset features a Hammond hamster figure that can pop up from the cockpit by turning a handle for added fun.
  • For anyone who loves Overwatch hero toys and buildable mech toys, this LEGO brick-built model can transform from a mech into an epic ball and is packed with authentic details from the in-game hero. Kids and fans will love building this authentic Overwatch model.
  • Just like in the game, this action toy can transform from an epic ball toy that can roll into a cool mech toy with fold-out Quad Cannons and extractable legs, offering kids and fans many authentic Overwatch details.
  • From Blizzard Entertainment, the creators of the legendary World of Warcraft, Overwatch has quickly built a global community of passionate followers, spawning animated videos, comics, and exciting global eSports events.
  • Wrecking Ball creative play toy measures over 4″ (11cm) high, 4″ (11cm) long and 5″ (13cm) wide. LEGO Overwatch toy construction sets are the perfect gift for fans of the internationally acclaimed team-based action game.


LEGO Overwatch Junkrat and Roadhog (75977)

380 pieces | Ages 9+
$49.99 (USD)
Available October 1, 2019

2019 LEGO Overwatch

Now your favorite Overwatch fan can build a part of Junkertown out of LEGO bricks with the 75977 Junkrat & Roadhog set. Based on the internationally acclaimed team-based action game, this Overwatch toy set recreates the apocalyptic atmosphere of Junkertown, a highly popular Overwatch map. This playset features the iconic crime duo from Overwatch: Roadhog and Junkrat. Roadhog comes as a large, highly-detailed BigFig with his Chain Hook and Scrap Gun. The minifigure Junkrat has his iconic peg-leg and Frag Launcher. Fans and kids alike will love the authentic character details, the yellow chopper bike and display diorama inspired by the Junkertown map.

  • This LEGO brick-built model comes with two highly popular Overwatch figures: BigFig Roadhog with his Chain Hook and minifigure Junkrat with his Frag Launcher and iconic peg leg.
  • Kids and fans will love building this highly detailed Overwatch model, including the brick-built Pachimari figure.
  • Offering kids and fans authentic Overwatch details, this action toy features a display diorama with the Junkertown sign and a yellow chopper bike that can be played with separately.
  • From Blizzard Entertainment, the creators of the legendary World of Warcraft, Overwatch has quickly built a global community of passionate followers, spawning animated videos, comics and exciting global eSports events.
  • LEGO Overwatch toy construction sets are the perfect gift for fans of the internationally acclaimed team-based action game.
  • Junkyard building toy measures over 8″ (21cm) high, 8″ (22cm) wide and 4″ (12cm) long.

New LEGO Overwatch 2019 Official Images Released

A week ago, the LEGO Catalog for the 2nd half of this year has confirmed the arrival of two, new LEGO Overwatch 2019 sets sometime in October. There were speculations on what they will be, with signs pointing at the duo of Junkrat and Roadhog, plus the cute but deadly Hammond, aka Wrecking Ball. This time around, Amazon UK has put an end on all the speculations and has finally revealed what we can expect from these new sets. Read on and take a look.

The first to be revealed is the LEGO Overwatch Wrecking Ball (75976) coming in at 227 pieces, expected to retail for around $20 USD. Though I am not strictly an Overwatch fan, I have to say that I’m impressed on how LEGO designers managed to faithfully capture the looks of this powerhouse mech in LEGO bricks. Based on these visuals, this build also comes in with two alternate modes – a spherical ball and a walking, offensive mech – as seen in the video game. Plus the Hammond hamster minifigure is really cute.

LEGO Overwatch Wrecking Ball (75976)

New LEGO Overwatch 2019 New LEGO Overwatch 2019 75976 5 banner 75976 4 75976 6 75976 2

The next set to be revealed by Amazon UK is the LEGO Overwatch Junkrat and Roadhog (75977).  The set features the demolition duo together with their signature Junkertown Bike. I like how this brick rendition turned out, considering that the bike also comes with a display base and a bit of Junkertown scenery. As an added bonus, it also comes with a unique Pachimari printed element. Roadhog also comes in as a new bigfig mold so this is something interesting to see.

LEGO Overwatch Junkrat and Roadhog (75977)

New LEGO Overwatch 2019 New LEGO Overwatch 2019 75977 3 75977 7 75977 4 75977 5

I would like to see the official product description on these new LEGO Overwatch 2019 sets to know more about their details and other play features. And since they have an October (or perhaps earlier in August) release date, then we can expect more info to come in during the next few weeks. There’s also no indication as of this posting that these sets are retailer exclusives so we can also expect to see them listed at LEGO Shop@Home soon.  Special thanks to Brickset for the heads-up!

New LEGO Overwatch Sets Coming in October 2019

If you recall earlier this month, gaming giants Activision and Blizzard confirmed that they intend to continue their collaboration with LEGO to come up with new LEGO Overwatch sets for 2019. The reveal was made during this year’s Nuremberg Toy Fair back in January, with these new LEGO Overwatch building sets labeled as sets 75976 and 75977 respectively. Thanks to a report from Promobricks, we now have an idea on when these sets will be released.

Promobricks was able to snap a photo of a physical LEGO 2HY 2019 Catalog, particularly on the page where the current LEGO Overwatch sets are located. What is interesting is that this physical copy of the German LEGO catalog indicates specifically an October release date, whereas this information is particularly omitted on its online catalog counterparts. More peculiar is the fact that the German online version was pulled out from LEGO’s servers which gives the impression that LEGO does not intend to reveal it yet.

New LEGO Overwatch Sets

We don’t have definitive info as of this posting on what these 2 new sets will be. But rumors circulating across LEGO fan communities suggests that sets 75976 and 75977 will be featuring brick-built versions of Wrecking Ball and the Junkertown Bike respectively. I guess its safe to assume that if in case these rumors turn out to be true, then we can expect to see minifig versions of Hammond (aka Wrecking Ball) and Junkrat, plus a bigfig counterpart of Roadhog.

New LEGO Overwatch Sets
Rumor has it that LEGO Overwatch set 75976 will feature a brick-built Wrecking Ball.
overwatch junkkertown bike blizzard
LEGO Overwatch set 75977 is rumored to feature Junkrat and Roadhog in their Junkertown Bike.

We just probably have to wait until August to see our first official images of these new LEGO Overwatch sets. And for the meantime, if you haven’t added these to your LEGO collection yet, be sure to check out the full range of LEGO Overwatch sets at LEGO Shop@Home or via Amazon.


More LEGO Overwatch Sets Slated to be Released in 2019

Since its debut in October last year, the LEGO Overwatch theme has slowly gained a following. After more than 8 months since they were introduced, fans of LEGO’s brick-built rendition of arguably the most popular first-person Blizzard shooter video game in Asia, are now pondering what’s next for LEGO Overwatch. The question seems to have been answered at this year’s Nuremberg International Toy Fair in Germany. And as Brick Fanatics reports, we can expect more LEGO Overwatch sets this 2019, with two possible sets still waiting to be revealed.

lifestyleimage 1

According to Activision and Blizzard, they still have a lot of plans going on for this year especially with regards to their collaboration with LEGO. I guess that’s bound to happen considering the wealth of characters and content that the highly popular video game offers.

Toy and apparel offerings for Overwatch continue to expand throughout 2019. LEGO® Group kicked off the year with the release of the first ever LEGO Overwatch product line, which will feature new product launches later this year at various price points.

With sets 75976 and 75977 teased at the Nuremberg Toy Fair, it is fair to assume that LEGO still has a handful of LEGO Overwatch sets waiting to be revealed. For the meantime, be sure to check back on all the LEGO Overwatch sets that were released so far. As of the moment, we have six sets that are currently available under this theme, and the Omnic Bastion (75987) set that was sold exclusively at Blizzard’s online shop. Just so you know, Amazon is running a sale on these sets at great discounts. Simply click on the following links to know more about this.



Here’s Your Chance to Get a Free LEGO Overwatch Ganymede

LEGO has just announced a new promotional to celebrate the release of the LEGO Overwatch theme a couple of weeks from now. If you’re looking forward to visit your local LEGO Store in January, then you may want to mark the 23rd to have the chance to participate in the LEGO Store Overwatch Play Event. Like any other LEGO Store events, participating in this in-store play event will give you the chance to build and bring home your FREE LEGO Overwatch Ganymede brick-built figure.

legoganymedehighresfinal 002 002

This brick-built avian figure is a great companion to the LEGO Overwatch Bastion (75974) set which is also slated to be released on January 1. Here’s the full announcement from

Some of your favorite Overwatch heroes have been protecting the LEGO® Store and have left their sprays behind. We need your help to search throughout the store to figure out which characters have been here!

Find the sprays and mark each one you find, then show your checklist to a Brick Specialist and build and take home your own FREE LEGO Overwatch Ganymede model!

Event takes place in stores January 23, 2019. To participate, you must sign up in stores beginning January 1, 2019. Builders must be between the ages of 6-14 to participate.

Be sure to drop by any LEGO brand store starting January 1 to register for this LEGO play event. And since this event is running only for a day, expect this free LEGO Overwatch Ganymede figure to run out pretty fast.


LEGO Overwatch Sets Now Available for Preorder at LEGO Shop@Home UK

First, it had sounded like an April Fools’ joke. Then when confirmation arrived, fans of the colorful online first-person shooter title Overwatch from Blizzard Entertainment were in agreement that it was one of the sweetest new franchise licenses acquired by LEGO. The preview of the first LEGO Overwatch sets and minifigures only whetted collectors’ appetites.

Following some awesome previews in online images and at the 2018 Blizzcon, plus the opening of preorders last month, LEGO has gone the extra mile by having the Overwatch sets listed on Shop@Home be addable to your online shopping bag. Well, at least for LEGO fans in the UK.

LEGO Shop@Home UK has all six LEGO Overwatch sets marked as arriving on January 1 if customers will preorder it now. In comparison, the US Shop@Home only has one set marked as arriving on January 2, one day after its UK release. For the meantime, fans in the US may opt to include these sets in their wishlist.

Here’s a list of the upcoming LEGO Overwatch sets and their Shop@Home listings wherever applicable:

Tracer vs. Widowmaker (75970) – UK £12.9975970 1 1
Hanzo vs. Genji (75971) – UK £24.99
75971 2
Dorado Showdown (75972) – UK £29.99
75972 2
D.Va & Reinhardt (75973) – UK £34.99
75973 1 1
Bastion (75974) – UK £54.99
75974 3
Watchpoint: Gibraltar (75975) – UK £79.99 / US $89.99

75975 1 1