New LEGO xtra Polybag Sea Accessories (40341) Arriving in 2019

Sea Accessories (40341)

Back in June we reported on a unique LEGO polybag series that contained plastic elements to serve as extra props and accessories for existing LEGO sets; that’s the reason perhaps for the line name: LEGO xtra. From roadside fittings to food items to even printed play-mats, the xtra polybags served to enhance the brick-building experience. Now, some months after the last LEGO xtra items were released, we get one new polybag of that line coming soon: the LEGO xtra Sea Accessories (40341). And that polybag, in 24 pieces, captures the essence of the sea, from nature’s living creatures to period historical trinkets to modern gear.

This LEGO xtra set contains a pirate’s parrot, a shark and clam figures (the clam can open and shut). There’s also a chest with doodads that could pass for a buccaneer’s booty. And then there’s the swimmer/diver’s equipment of flippers, harpoon, surfboard, paddle, and more. Here’s the official product description for our reference. 

LEGO xtra Sea Accessories (40341)

24 pieces; $3.99

Bring seaside fun to your LEGO universe!

Add an ocean theme to your LEGO® creations with this LEGO xtra 40341 Sea Accessories set, featuring shark, parrot and fish figures and a selection of accessories including an oar, harpoon, surfboard and flippers. Also includes an opening seashell, empty barrel and a chest for storing the smaller accessories included with this set.

  • LEGO® xtra Sea Accessories set includes a surfboard, opening shell, barrel, oar, harpoon, opening chest, treasure map and binoculars, plus shark, parrot and fish figures and a selection of LEGO elements.
  • Bring new ocean-themed adventures to existing LEGO® sets.
  • LEGO® xtra accessory sets are delivered in a sealed plastic bag.

The LEGO xtra Sea Accessories polybag (40341) is now listed at LEGO Shop@Home and will be available by New Year’s Day in 2019. A quick check on the sites state that this xtra set is priced at $3.99 stateside and $4.99 in Canada, these being the only versions thus far which have 40341 listed.

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