2019 LEGO Star Wars Sets Listed Via Amazon UK

2019 LEGO Star Wars

Next year marks another milestone for the world’s largest and most valuable toy company, when LEGO will celebrate its 20th year since it introduced its very first licensed theme way back in 1999. According to rumors floating around the LEGO fan community, LEGO will be throwing in a bash in 2019 with the release of a special range of 20th anniversary, 2019 LEGO Star Wars sets commemorating two decades of partnership with then Lucas Films.

Brick Fanatics reports that other than the release of these LEGO Star Wars sets in January 2019, a special selection of sets are also slated to arrive in April that comes in a unique, 20th anniversary packaging featuring the nostalgic, original LEGO Star Wars logo. The best part for collectors is that each of this special set is said to contain an exclusive minifigure that features the original yellow-faced minifigure from the 1999 LEGO Star Wars sets. If this is indeed true, then we can somehow expect 2019 to be a good year to stack up on those LEGO Star Wars sets.

7101 1
The very first LEGO Star Wars set, the Lightsaber Duel (7101), released in 1999.

Eventually, an interesting piece of intel was picked up this time by Rebel Scum which might give us a hint on what these sets will be. As of this writing, these sets are now currently listed at Amazon UK, though the said listing is quite bare bones as of the moment save for the set number and cryptic names included to some of them, there’s reason to believe that they belong under the 2019 LEGO Star Wars theme. Some of these have direct links over at Amazon’s UK site while some of them were also listed by Price Vortex. I’ve modified this listing to include information from the latter.

75223 unknown “Classic” MicroFighter – $9.99
75224 unknown “Classic” MicroFighter – $9.99
75225 Elite Praetorian Guards Battle Pack – $14.99
75226 Clone Troopers Battle Pack – $14.99
75227 unknown “Classic” Microfighter Dual Pack – $19.99
75228 unknown “Classic” Microfighter Dual Pack – $19.99
75229 “Great Vehicle” Escape – $29.99
75233 Droid Gunship – $49.99
75234 AT-AP – $59.99
75235 X-Wing Starfighter – $29.99
75236 unknown LEGO Star Wars set
75237 Tie Fighter – $19.99
75241 unknown LEGO Star Wars set
75242 unknown LEGO Star Wars set
75243 unknown LEGO Star Wars set
75247 A-Wing Starfighter – $14.99
75258 Children’s Toy Colourful
75259 Wall Lamp, Multi-Colour

There’s another pair of LEGO Star Wars sets that does not quite fit the abovementioned list, and deserves a separate commentary. These sets may even suggest that we are probably looking at our first 2019 LEGO Star Wars UCS sets starting with the 10268 LEGO Star Wars Confidential. The notion that this might be a forthcoming UCS set stems from the idea that the series number 102xx were used for LEGO Star Wars UCS sets that were released between 2010 to 2013. These are: Obi-Wan’s Jedi Starfighter (10215), Imperial Shuttle (10212), Super Star Destroyer (10221), B-Wing Starfighter (10227), R2-D2 (10225), Red Five X-Wing Starfighter (10240) and the Ewok Village (10236).

10240 1
The LEGO Star Wars UCS Red Five X-Wing Starfighter (10240) from 2013.

The next set is outright puzzling: 21315 LEGO Star Wars Confidential. The set number does not seem to add up since starting from last year, set numbers 213xx has been set aside for LEGO Ideas sets beginning 2015. Unless this LEGO listing from Amazon UK is a sort of an error, then we really need to see where LEGO is charting the path for its new LEGO Star Wars sets come 2019.

So what do you think brick fans? What can you say about these upcoming 2019 LEGO Star Wars sets? What are you most excited about for next year? What LEGO Star Wars sets do you want to see? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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