Cast Your Most Powerful Brick-Building Spell with this Lize-Sized LEGO Harry Potter Magic Wand

LEGO Harry Potter Magic Wand

A few weeks ago, LEGO brand stores in the UK and in some parts of Europe began their LEGO Harry Potter Build and Take events to celebrate the recent release of the LEGO Harry Potter sets. Children were given the opportunity to make their own LEGO Harry Potter Magic Wand in-store and to take them home as well. Though this event is still on-going, with some stores running the event until September 1, some places have eventually concluded it already. So in case you missed out in this freebie, or is still waiting for this Build and Take event to happen in your local LEGO store, Promobricks were good enough to share the instructions for this relatively simple, 26-piece brick-built Harry Potter Magic Wand.

lego harry potter wand instructions

This build comes in regular LEGO brick pieces, just 26 pieces in total, consisting mostly of reddish brown and black circular bricks with axle holes. The only unique pieces are the long technic axle and the two 4x2x2 Rocket Step pieces, with the latter found only in recent sets such as the LEGO Classic Build Bigger Thinking Mission to Mars (10405), LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V (21309), and The LEGO Batman Movie The Bat-Space Shuttle (70923). Even if you don’t have these specific parts, I’m sure that you can find alternative pieces to replace these and to give your LEGO Harry Potter Magic Wand its unique look and feel.

Thanks again to Promobricks for sharing these building instructions.

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