LEGO City Summer 2019 Sets Announced at the Nuremberg Toy Fair

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Note: the image above is from 2015’s LEGO City Spaceport (60080). Europe’s largest toy fair has already begun, and LEGO is sure not to miss out on this one. Coming from the London Toy Fair, LEGO now flaunts its new collection of LEGO sets at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany . And thanks to fellow LEGO fan correspondent Zusammengebaut, we now have specific information on what’s in store with LEGO this summer. The LEGO showroom is stirring up a buzz with its revelation of new LEGO sets, including a noteworthy collection of new summer 2019 LEGO City sets.

We’ve seen the LEGO City theme explore the many facets of the real world: from the depths of the ocean, perilous jungles, underground world and to the polar ice caps. This time, LEGO is bringing back once more its LEGO City Space subtheme, but this time with a distinct inspiration coming from NASA. Specifically inspired by the world’s largest space exploration institute, 2019’s LEGO City Space will offer six new summer sets namely:

  • Maintenance Mission Shuttle (60224)
  • Rover Test Drive (60225)
  • Mars Research Shuttle (60226)
  • Moon Base (60227)
  • Space Research Rocket Control Centre (60228)

These sets celebrate the 50th founding anniversary of the Apollo moon landing, and as a reference to a Mars Mission subtheme. They are not necessary licensed by the space exploration agency, but are stated specifically as “inspired by NASA”, as printed on the sets’ respective box arts.

The last set to be mentioned – 60228 – is said to integrate with the LEGO Life App on a smart phone which makes the set remotely controlled.

In addition to this NASA inspired 2019 LEGO City sets, LEGO will be launching a new LEGO City TV series based on the theme comprising of 20 episodes running 11 minutes each. There will be three 2019 LEGO City sets to be released in connection to the TV series, one of which carries the 4+ branding:

  • LEGO City Fire Service ruck (60231)
  • LEGO City 4+ Petrol Station (60232)
  • LEGO City Doughnut Shop Opening (60233)

The Doughnut Shop Opening (60233) opening features a small toy shop, a TV crew, police minifigures, and a crane truck.

There will be another LEGO City People Pack, similar to previous ones such as last year’s Outdoor Adventures (60202) and 2017’s Fun at the Beach (60153). For 2019, we will have the LEGO City People Pack – City Dwellers (60234) which follows a fairground theme. It’s a good addition to other fair-themed sets such as the Roller Coaster (10261), Carousel (10257) and Ferris Wheel (10247). Lastly, LEGO has also revealed this year’s new LEGO City Advent Calendar (60235), which is something to watch out for considering that this set has been a constant favorite among LEGO City fans.

Stay tuned for more updates and reveals in the LEGO show room at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2019!

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