A Look at the LEGO Ninjago Oni Battle Pack (853866) – Now Available at LEGO Shop@Home

LEGO Ninjago Oni Battle Pack

The latest battle pack from LEGO Ninjago is finally out, and it’s an interesting collection of minifigures unlike LEGO has done before. The LEGO Ninjago Oni Battle Pack (853866) is now available at all LEGO stores and at shop.LEGO.com. Based on the series’ latest season, March of the Oni, this minifigure pack introduces one of the most formidable foes that our heroic ninjas ever encountered.

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The LEGO Ninjago Oni Battle Pack (853866) features three first-for-2019 minifigures. It comes in 36 pieces, including several weapon accessories, and perhaps the most exciting of all, the horned elements that comes with the lead Oni villain. All of the minifigures themselves sport unique prints, which gives them a sort of Black Panther/Wakandan vibe. Overall, it’s a great collection of minifigures to kick-off the latest season of LEGO’s longest running TV series. The Oni Battle Pack retails for $12.99 and may also be purchased online via LEGO’s shopping portal. Be sure to check the latest LEGO Ninjago Legacy sets as well from shop.LEGO.com that features some of the best-loved sets from the early beginning of Ninjago.

And another tip if you may – if you wish to grab all the ninjas in this latest LEGO Ninjago subtheme, be sure to check out the LEGO Ninjago Monastery of Spinjitzu (70670) set which includes 8 minifigures, namely Wu, Jay, Nya, Zane, Cole, Lloyd, Kai and Wyplash. That’s a great deal for $79.99 for a set with more than a thousand LEGO pieces and 8 minifigures.

70670 1
The LEGO Ninjago Monastery of Spinjitzu (70670) set, featuring all of our ninja heroes.

LEGO Ninjago Oni Battle Pack (853866)

Arm the Oni villains with this cool accessory set!

Gear up for battle with the LEGO® NINJAGO® 853866 Accessory Set 2019, featuring the Oni villains from Series 10 of the NINJAGO Masters of Spinjitzu TV series. This action-packed little set has 3 new-for-January-2019 Oni minifigures, including one with iconic horn elements, and assorted weapons.

  • Features 3 Oni demon minifigures—one with horn elements—with 4 swords and other assorted weapons.


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