“Adult LEGO Shopper Insights” Being Asked by LEGO Retail Design Team Via Survey

LEGO Pop-Up Stores

News flash: The LEGO Group needs an adult…LEGO shopper. In fact, they need a lot of grown-up LEGO shoppers and their collective recollection of experiences purchasing LEGO products in stores. The company expressed their needs well with a lengthy message on the LEGO Ambassador Network. Best we read it verbatim:

The LEGO Retail Design team is very excited to hear from adults about their shopping experiences and expectations and how we can make the experience even better! Around the world there are different types of LEGO Stores (LBR and LCS) with the goal of providing an inspiring, interactive, creative and fun experience for kids and adults alike.

Whether you visit a LEGO Store every day or have never even seen one, it is important to know what adults expect and desire from a visit. Your feedback will be considered when designing the future LEGO Store experience.

Working with adult fans of LEGO, the LEGO Retail Design team has created a short survey and with the hope that you can take a few minutes to share your thoughts. Your insights will help to make visiting a LEGO Store a truly memorable event!

Just like a LEGO creation, each person offers a different and unique perspective so, the survey is open to anyone and everyone with the hope that thousands of adults from around the world share their ideas.

Well, that said, you can access LEGO’s adult shopper survey via THIS LINK. No personal data is requested so survey-takers will remain anonymous, and for the benefit of the bourgeoning LEGO market in China, the survey also has a version in simplified Chinese. Interested takers have about a month to answer LEGO’s survey, and it’ll close March 22.

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