Amazon Discounts LEGO Overwatch Sets, Plus Hilarious Official Tribute Video

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Ask fans who keep up to speed with LEGO news which new licensed property that they make sets for now stands out the most, and maybe they’ say it’s “Overwatch,” the awesome multiplayer first-person “hero” shooter from Blizzard Entertainment. The new sets they announced last year, now all available for purchase at the usual channels, have been remarkably popular sellers.

In fact, they’re so sought-after that certain retailers carrying them have thrown discount sales for their LEGO Overwatch sets. Amazon in particular has decided that it’ll join in on the fun, with the recent release of a new patch that adds Paris as a multiplayer assault map on the game.

You can check out Amazon’s LEGO Overwatch price cuts right here, but we’ll help out by enumerating the current discount rates for the available sets right now. Some of the products might have already had reduced prices before, but have been trimmed even further now:

  • Tracer vs. Widowmaker (75970) – 129-piece set for US$12, down from $14.99
  • Hanzo vs. Genji (75971) – 197-piece set for US$15.51, down from $15.99
  • Dorado Showdown (75972) – 419-piece set for US$23.99
  • D.Va and Reidhardt (75973) – 455-piece set for US$30, down from $39.99
  • Bastion (75974) – 602-piece set for US$39.99, down from $55.95
  • Watchpoint: Gibraltar (75975) – 730-piece set for $72.00, down from $99.50
  • Omnic Bastion (75987) – 182-piece set for $35, all the way down from $51

With that down, we’ll leave you guys with this quirky LEGO Overwatch video from the company itself on their official YouTube channel. If you need further confirmation that the “Overwatch” game is big, and the LEGO Overwatch line of sets is hot, then watch this video and believe.

Kind of makes you want a “LEGO Overwatch Movie/Series,” huh?

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