Exclusive Minifigure for “LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary New Edition” Revealed: Bacta Tank Suit Finn


Print media, as we have talked about before, is one of the integral components of a “complete” LEGO experience. This is most particular when the LEGO material in question is reference books. Thanks to their publishing partnership with UK label Dorling-Kindersley (DK), there’s always been a number of “visual dictionaries” coming out every year, detailing current LEGO product lines from sets to the collectible minifigures.

Well, way back in July of the year before, LEGO and DK announced that the latter’s “LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary” was going to get a new edition. The book originally came out in 2009 and again in 2014 as the “Updated and Expanded” version.

In the same vein as so many LEGO hardbound volumes, the upcoming “LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary New Edition” will come with an exclusive character minifigure. Readers have had their time speculating who it might be all the rest of year 2018; now, Amazon has revealed who that character is.


The global online retail giant has added new information and images to their item listing for the new visual dictionary. For a brief period, their shot of the front cover showed the included minifigure to be First Order trooper-turned-Resistance fighter Finn, suited in the bacta tank as seen in his first appearance in “The Last Jedi,” healing from his injuries sustained during “The Force Awakens.”

Amazon must have realized that the cover photo was a spoiler, and has since replaced it with a blacked-out minifigure version. Thankfully other LEGO news sources have caught it before the change; this image down below is courtesy of Brickset.

Finn Bacta

Quite obviously, the additional content added to the “LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary New Edition” covers the new Disney-Lucasfilm media: “The Force Awakens,” “The Last Jedi,” and even “Solo.” The volume will be released this coming April, but an Amazon preorder now will shave 33% off the $14.71 price listed.


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