“Brick Fanatics Magazine” Issue 3 Now Available


You know as source of LEGO news online has graduated to a higher level of providing information and entertainment when they go into print magazine format. Brick Fanatics became such when it launched its very own 80-page magazine. They have already successfully released two issues at an average price of €8.25 each, with options for multiple-month subscriptions at lower issue-prices.

Well, Issue 3 of Brick Fanatics Magazine is out available now, and their central subject of interest is the new and extremely popular LEGO Overwatch product line. Readers and subscribers can tell that much from the front image, with LEGO-minifigure D.Va serving as cover model.


Said cover feature on LEGO Overwatch is an interview by Brick Fanatics with two members of the LEGO development team that translated the hit Blizzard Entertainment multiplayer hero FPS into the fun LEGO sets that have enamored collectors since late-2018.


Other components of the magazine include two pieces for their “Review+” with articles on LEGO Overwatch Bastion (75974) and LEGO Harry Potter Quidditch Match (75956). The “How To” segment offers tips and advice on multiple LEGO building/collecting topics, even including cross-news source collaboration with a contribution from Brickset, for example.

“On Topic” meanwhile features interviews with some of the participants of the LEGO AFOL Designer program announced last year, also including some sobering discussion on how BREXIT might affect the UK LEGO market and community, both Brick Fanatics‘ primary readerships. Finally, “Retro” offers a new custom build for the oldie LEGO space theme that gave rise to Lenny and friends in “LEGO Movie” and “LM2.”

Brick Fanatics Magazine issue 3 can be ordered from Brick Fanatics as either a single issue, or the first of a subscription plan in two variants, 12-month and 24-month. For now, stocks also remain of this magazine’s predecessor issues, both also available for back orders.

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