This Custom LEGO Sauron Bids For You To Submit… and Get Its Free Building Instructions!

LEGO Sauron

This post about our Custom LEGO Sauron building instructions was originally published back on August 10, 2019 and has been updated here to reflect The Brick Show Shop’s latest update on this free offering. 

Fans of J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic understand the significance of the coveted One Ring, created by the Lord of Darkness, Sauron, who relentlessly seeks its power.

Created by the Lord of Darkness himself, Sauron will never stop until he gets his hands once again to his source of power and existence. And Sauron’s feeling of morbid triumph and diabolical satisfaction is perfectly captured by builder Aaron Newman in this retelling of one of the literature’s vilest characters.

This Custom LEGO Sauron Bids You To Take A Second Look!

The Dark Lord of Mordor is relentless in making sure that the One Ring finds his way back to him. In fact, we see Sauron even wield the powerful Ring in the first scenes of the blockbuster film, Lord of the Rings. This moment was excellently rendered in bricks in his custom LEGO Sauron as you can see below.

LEGO Sauron

Aaron’s creative vision for this custom LEGO Sauron drew its inspiration directly from the iconic 2001 film, where audiences witnessed the armor-clad behemoth relentlessly hammering away at the overwhelmed forces of Middle-Earth.

The beauty behind this LEGO masterpiece lies in Aaron’s skillful use of metallic grey and silver pieces, a deliberate choice that bestows upon this brick-built, diabolical figure an aura of sinister grandeur. These carefully selected elements, with their gleaming sheen, imbue this custom LEGO Sauron with an air of malevolent royalty, capturing the essence of his character in every meticulously placed brick and detail.

Furthermore, this custom LEGO Sauron features a realistic build that is very imposing coming in at 13 inches in height. The details on Sauron’s helmet and mace are spot-on, with Aaron effectively using those new LEGO Ninjago blade pieces to Sauron’s advantage.

This Imposing Custom LEGO Sauron MOC Stands at 13 Inches!

The rest of the body is also properly scaled, giving this custom LEGO Sauron a deceitfully fragile look as the antagonist would like to make his enemies believe. Its slim figure is basically compensated with its heavily armored garb, complete with a pair of capes and a destructive mace.

If you’re eager to gain deeper insights into the meticulous design process that brought this remarkable custom LEGO Sauron MOC to life, I invite you to delve into Aaron’s blog entry. You’ll discover a treasure trove of information, unveiling the creative journey, innovative techniques, and artistic inspirations that shaped this extraordinary build.

Aaron’s blog is your portal to a behind-the-scenes adventure, where the magic of LEGO craftsmanship unfolds, offering you an intimate glimpse into the artistry that birthed this exceptional masterpiece.

Creator of the Custom LEGO Sauron MOC Debuts in LEGO Masters US

In case you haven’t noticed yet, Aaron is one of the strong contenders in the currently running, LEGO reality TV show, LEGO Masters US. He’s now giving back to the LEGO community by sharing this FREE Custom LEGO Sauron building instructions through The Brick Show Shop.

Yes, you read it right – we are giving it away for free! Just head over to our official storefront and download the building instructions in PDF format, including its parts list, plus a template for creating Sauron’s cape. So forgive me if I can’t overemphasize it enough – it’s simply too good to give a pass.

Consider adding these fantastic custom LEGO Lord of the Rings Oliphant and Balrog MOCs to your LOTR collection as well. Tyler and Sean at Build Better Bricks have made the building instructions for these sets available, along with a convenient file for easy part sourcing at Bricklink.

What Lord of the Rings moment would you like to see re-created in LEGO bricks? Share what you think in the comments below.

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