LEGO Classic Sets Also Showcased on NYTF: Bricks and Ideas (11001) and Basic Brick Set (11002)


There’s a wide variety of LEGO sets that have been shown before the public during the New York Toy Fair this weekend. Plenty of them are sprawling complex builds while others are more simplified, particularly the Duplo line celebrating its 20th year. But they have things in common: specialized pieces, contours, elements and so on.

Such developments came from decades of evolution in LEGO, but sometimes it can be interesting to revisit the roots of this brand. One might recall the special 60th anniversary commemorative sets from early 2018 that sold out quickly. Well, LEGO is dabbling in nostalgia again by introducing new Classic sets.

A number of additions to the retro-styled LEGO Classics line became available in the first month of this year. They were included among the numerous sets put by the company on display at the NYTF, to make sure more people know about them. We here at The Brick Show can help with that as well.

  • Bricks and Ideas (11001) – enough colorful bricks, studs and other elements to build a classic house front, T-Rex, piano and train; 123 pieces for US$9.99 or $13.99 Canadian


  • Basic Brick Set (11002) – more LEGO bricks of classic configurations, enough to build one each of a flower, birdhouse, knight on horseback, seaplane, dog with bone, monster truck and stegosaurus; 300 pieces for US$19.99 or 24.99 Canadian


These LEGO Classic sets are just right for early LEGO builders of age 4 and up. As said, they’ve already been available along with several other sets of the Classic line since January, and can also be found on LEGO Shop@Home. In a time of elaborate themed sets, it’s great to return to old times.


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