Limited-Edition LEGO Classic 60th Anniversary Truck (4000030) Listed Again on Walmart

LEGO Classic 60th Anniversary Truck (4000030)

There’s just been so many different ways that LEGO has been celebrating their years of milestone anniversaries that it can get confusing to keep track of them all. One of their most popular has been the early-2018 release of the Classic LEGO sets available at Walmart. They were so popular that they sold out their limited quantities in no time. One of those rare sets from Walmart was the LEGO Classic 60th Anniversary Truck (4000030), a white-and-red pickup that beautifully recalls the brightly-colored and basic construction of retro LEGO much like its brother sets the House (4000028) and Windmill (4000029).

And the reason we’re talking about this now is that Walmart, for some reason, has just announced that they have the 60th Anniversary Truck (4000030) back in stock, for those who didn’t get one of the limited copies from earlier this year. Whether this is new stock or unsold numbers of the original 5,000 Trucks at Walmart hasn’t been clarified.

Originally priced at $19.99, the return of the LEGO Classic 60th Anniversary Truck (4000030) is a tad cheaper at $19.97. As listed by Walmart, shipping becomes free if the total order is above $35. There’s also no word if the House (4000028) and Windmill (4000029) anniversary sets are coming back either. The last listing is that both remain out of stock.

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