Official Images of 2019 LEGO Star Wars Sets (Aside from the 20th Anniversary Collection)

75241 Star Wars Action Battle Echo Base™ Defense

As January came to an end, the LEGO News community got wind of the official names for some of the newest LEGO Star Wars sets for 2019. To be clear, these sets are of a different batch from the commemorative sets celebrating 20 years of the LEGO Star Wars line.

We already showcased images of one of these LEGO Star Wars sets, the Duel on Starkiller Base (75236) which was inadvertently “leaked” early by Amazon Italy last week. Come the New York Toy Fair, we finally have the official unveiling of these 2019 sets with images. Let’s take a look:

LEGO Star Wars Microfighter (small-scale starfighter models)

  • Naboo Starfighter (75223)

75223 Star Wars Naboo Starfighter Microfighter

  • Sith Infiltrator™ (75224)

75224 Star Wars Sith Infiltrator™ Microfighter

  • Escape Pod vs. Dewback™ (75228)

75228 Star Wars Escape Pod vs. Dewback™ Microfighters

Battle Pack (for big battle scenes)

  • Elite Praetorian Guard (75225)

75225 Star Wars Elite Praetorian Guard Battle Pack

  • Inferno Squad (75226)

75226 Star Wars Inferno Squad Battle Pack

Action Battle (battle scenes with spring-loaded target-shooting gameplay)

  • EndorAssault (75238)

75238 Star Wars Action Battle Endor™ Assault

  • HothGenerator Attack (75239)

75239 Star Wars Action Battle Hoth™ Generator Attack

  • Echo BaseDefense (75241)

75241 Star Wars Action Battle Echo Base™ Defense

Star Wars Clone Wars (perhaps celebrating the return of the popular animated series)

  • AT-APWalker (75234)

75234 Star Wars AT-AP™ Walker

Star Wars Resistance (tie-ins for the latest “Star Wars” animated series)

  • Major Vonreg’s TIE Fighter™ (75240)

75240 Star Wars Major Vonreg’s TIE Fighter™

  • Black Ace TIE Interceptor (75242)

75242 Star Wars Black Ace TIE Interceptor

Original Trilogy

  • Death Star Escape (75229)

75229 Star Wars Death Star Escape

  • TIE Fighter Attack (75237)

75237 Star Wars TIE Fighter Attack

  • X-Wing StarfighterTrench Run (75235)

75235 Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter™ Trench Rum

Sequel Trilogy

  • Duel on Starkiller Base (75236)

75236 Star Wars Duel on Starkiller Base

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