Splendid LEGO Ideas Submission Worthy of 10-K Support: Auto Union Type C Racing Car by redara00

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During the 1930s, four automakers in Germany joined together to form an umbrella firm that turned the constituent companies’ names into its brands. But for auto-racing enthusiasts they’ll remember the Auto Union AG – the precursor to the modern Audi Company – for their formidable race team with their distinctive silver racecars.

And that legacy is the subject of this incredible product idea that’s been submitted to the LEGO Ideas platform. As featured on motor1.com, this sweet Technic-level model of the 1936 Auto Union Type C racer came from the brilliant workmanship of Alexander Rossier (LEGO Ideas username redera00), and wonderfully built.


Rossier notes that he spent around 50 hours to fully assemble his product idea. This proposed LEGO Auto Union Type C might just rival the LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon (75192) in piece count, with some 2,300 pieces to recreate the car in 1:8-scale.

The Technic-like way this model was put together would do any LEGO set design team proud. Like a real racecar the panels can be removed to reveal the vehicle’s inner workings, all replicated to amazing detail.

From front radiator to rear gearbox, tube-shaped chassis and six wheels (2-front, 4-back), the features match up to an authentic Auto Union Type C. The race markings are period-accurate too, with the telltale four-circle Auto Union logo, now used by Audi, right in front.

As of this writing, redera00’s Auto Union Type C racer is at 1,309 of the needed 10-K supporters, with 515 days left to do so. Motor1.com is fully supportive of this set, and LEGO fans who also love auto-racing will surely love to see it become a LEGO Ideas set. Wouldn’t you like that too?

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