LEGO Creator Ford Mustang (10265) Officially Revealed

Automobile enthusiasts can rest assured that their love for cars is ably represented by LEGO. Whether it’s the small models from Speed Champions or the larger constructs of LEGO Creator or Technic, there’s no doubt both LEGO and car fandom easily go hand in hand.

Earlier this month the LEGO Creator line did a major tease on the latest cool car to be made into a set. None other than Ford’s iconic muscle car the Mustang was given that honor, with Creator set number 10265. We were pretty confident only days were left before an official reveal; we were right.


As of this weekend, the LEGO Creator Ford Mustang (10265) is now officially listed by LEGO on Shop@Home. Those who have seen all the leaks on social media must already feel that this is one of the most awesome car sets developed by LEGO yet, but the official images just emphasized how right that is.

Colored predominantly in blue with white racing stripes (interpreted in 1,471 pieces) this Creator set is as positively beastly as the original vehicle it replicates. Even better for LEGO collectors who are dyed-in-the-wool automotive gearheads, not only does 10265 meticulously copy the internal mechanics, it’s also as customizable as many real Ford Mustangs out there.

Extra parts range from engine add-ons, additional exhaust pipes, GT bumpers, and plenty of license plate options to make you all feel sort of “Fast and Furious.” This Creator Mustang set (10265) is sure to be a hot sell when it’s released March 1. Read the official product blurb here. Expect price of $149.99 (US).



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