Twitter Teaser Hints LEGO Ideas “Flintstones” Set Reveal Coming Soon

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It’s the year 2019 now, but it’s only at this point in time that the winners from the First 2018 Review Stage of LEGO Ideas will finally see the light of day as official products. Recall that the results of that review stage were announced only in early October of the year before.

The two product ideas that made the final cut from that 10-set review batch had been a Treehouse and a licensed franchise, Hanna-Barbera’s classic “Flintstones” animated series. Then, following over three months of silence, LEGO Ideas broke the lack of new updates with a cheeky nostalgic teaser.

On Monday, February 11, LEGO Ideas posted a short video clip on their official Twitter page. It should be familiar to longtime “Flintstones” fans, a shortened version of the last few seconds of the familiar colored second intro, with the Flintstones and Rubbles barreling into the prehistoric drive-in theater in the former’s boulder-mobile.

The differences are quickly spotted: the featured movie is titled “LEGO Ideas: The Flintstones.” Also, the Flintstones’ “car” is quite obviously a LEGO-brick stop-motion rendition, likely the official LEGO Ideas conversion of the original submission by Andrew Clark. Finally, the theater screen shows that Ideas will be showing the whole final LEGO Flintstones set soon, punctuated with the iconic series catchphrase “Yabba-dabba-doo!”

Seeing as this LEGO Ideas set is from a recognizable franchise, it makes sense that it gets a teaser ahead of the original-idea Treehouse. Then again the preview neglects to put an actual date on when the LEGO Flintstones set will actually be shown in full, so fans are left with the usual game of guessing “How soon is ‘Coming Soon.’”

Then again, as some comments on our fellow LEGO news site and helpful set guide Brickset indicate, not many fans approve the accompanying minifigures’ faces which have apparently been leaked earlier. Perhaps the promised upcoming official LEGO Ideas reveal might change some minds.

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