Anniversary Dance Party with New Minfiigure Mascots for 20 Years of LEGOLAND California

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Before going into a period of accelerated expansion in the current millennium, the LEGOLAND theme parks were a rare sight. While the original resort in Billund, Denmark was opened in 1968, it wasn’t until the nineties that more were built. LEGOLAND California in 1999 was the third, and the first in the US, outside Europe.

Next week, LEGOLAND California Resort will be two decades old. While special treats have already been announced, like free admission to children aged 3-12 on their 2019 birthdays, the Merlin Entertainments-run theme park has only just begun. More attractions for the anniversary are still coming.

For example, starting this weekend on March 16 until September 1, there’s going to be a special dance party attraction in LEGOLAND California. Even better, it’s going to be headlined by two new minifigure character mascots for the resort. They’re a pair of everyday minifigure teens named Jake and Emily.

Jake and Emily are, as stated, young LEGO minifig characters wearing “I *L-brick representing a heart* LEGOLAND” shirts. Their names are taken from a survey of the most popular children’s names in the US from 1999, when LEGOLAND California opened.

The 20th Anniversary Dance Party will see Jake and Emily leading a troupe of dancers in a medley of musical numbers, complete with bubble showers and a 7-foot tall anniversary cake made out of LEGOs. Oh, and on March 20 (opening anniversary date), the first 1,000 children to visit there will receive a set of minifigure costume hands absolutely free.

For other events being added to LEGOLAND California, there will be a new “LEGO Friends: Better Tomorrow” show as well as another movie for the 4D cinema, “LEGO City 4D – Officer in Pursuit.” For more details on all these, visit LEGOLAND California Resort’s official website.

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