Nifty MOC Featured on Reddit: Nintendo Switch-Shaped Game Card Storage Case


LEGO and the Nintendo Switch might be one of the best “unexpected” cross-brand interactions ever. Last year we ran a feature on how LEGO pieces (traditional bricks and Technic components) can be used as sturdy alternatives for the cardboard building material used in the Switch’s innovative “Labo” gaming-construction toy platform.

This new MOC we’ve found may not be not have as “active” a role as the LEGO-brick Labo components before, but it certainly looks snazzy. Redditor Squid50s posted on the Nintendo Switch subreddit his LEGO creation: a carrying case for Switch game cards, shaped like the Switch unit with Joy-Cons.

Squid50s apparently got his flash of inspiration for this MOC when he realized that Switch game cards are just under the size of a 3×2 LEGO brick. Working off on that, he designed a container part with four game card-sized compartments using some very uncommon flat and bracket-shaped LEGO elements.

The container is secured by a swinging LEGO-built lead that’s secured by a single peg at the bottom. Constructs of the red and blue Joy-Cons on either side, with black circle pieces, complete its image of a LEGO Nintendo Switch replica. Even the green interior of the storage space was a copy of a real Switch unit’s internal circuit board.


On a follow-up Reddit post, Squid50s also revealed that he only managed to complete his project thanks to LEGO itself. He needed some blue 3×3 corner plate pieces and inquired with LEGO online to buy some. The company revealed that the pieces were discontinued, but they were willing to send his needed bricks for free.

Comments on Reddit are concerned that a LEGO-built Switch game card case isn’t made for longtime carrying around, but will at least look nice to keep within reach of one’s Nintendo Switch unit.

The limited capacity comes from the fact that Switch games are available either on hardcopy or digital form, so this is for gamers who prefer their game titles in a tangible format. Those interested in recreating Squid50s’ MOC can look for the LEGO-piece list and possible instructions on the Reddit post’s comments.

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