Cool LEGO Ideas Submission: “Sonic Mania” Green Hill Zone by toastergrl Needs Support

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When it comes to licensed sets based on videogames, LEGO is no slouch. The latest proof of their mastery in that genre can be seen in the LEGO Overwatch series. But they’ve also dipped into the retro classics, such as Sega’s face character Sonic the Hedgehog. Surely you remember the old “LEGO Dimensions” level pack?

Aside from the official LEGO Sonic products, aspiring builders have also submitted several “Sonic” themed builds to LEGO Ideas over the years. One new product idea in that vein is getting plenty of attention. It’s based on the retro-inspired “Sonic Mania” multi-platform title from 2017-18.


For those who probably missed it, “Sonic Mania” was a 2D game that flashed back to the early installments of the franchise. It remixed stages from the classic games to create a nostalgia adventure worthy of the 25th anniversary of “Sonic.” This product idea by “toastergrl” replicates the “Mania” reimagining of the Green Hill Zone.

I’m sure “Sonic” fans must be hearing that ear-worm ditty stage them in their heads right now. Anyway, the “Mania”-version Green Hill Zone stages sees the familiar hilly riverside terrain with ramps and loops and palm-like trees. And it also has a giant Dr. Eggman (Robotnik) Robot on Sonic’s tail.


The Ideas submission by toastergrl features two standard features of Green Hill Zone – a hilly slope (with tree and spring) and a single loop (with 1-Up container and power ring). It has one Sonic minifigure (classic design), and five brick-built figures for Doc Eggman, a motorbug and three Flickies. And let’s not forget the robot.

The hill and loop modules can be connected in several ways, while the trampoline spring is powered by Technic mechanism. Eggman’s brick figure has some degree of poseability, magnified several times with his robot ride.


At present, the “Sonic Mania” Green Hill Zone build by toastergrl has over 2,000 supporters with 602 days to reach 10-K. “Sonic” fans in the LEGO community should need no prodding to help this succeed.

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