Definitely Support this “LEGO City”-Scale Automated Garbage Truck on LEGO Ideas

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There’s been quite the number of vehicle builds that have been submitted to LEGO Ideas. Many have reached Review Stages but only few have become sets. Those that have passed ranged from famous fictional automobiles to a classic British supercar and an off-planet scientific rover.

Now here’s a new product idea submitted that’s looking for support. It’s a fairly generic vehicle you’d find on city streets, but it packs mechanical features that’ll catch builders’ attention. Scott Hasse and his son, Ideas member MochiMaster, took over a year to develop the system that makes this Automated Garbage Truck a support-worthy set.

Trash-collecting mechanism

The automated garbage truck is a LEGO vehicle built to scale with existing LEGO City sets. It has a side-loading bin arm and a trash-compacting ram, both mechanically operated by two knobs on the truck’s other side. The Technic mechanisms driving both functions are slightly visible in the build, a testament to the creators’ awesomeness.


By adding square plates to generic LEGO City trash-can elements, these can now be picked up by the garbage truck’s bin arm. The compacting ram pushes trash (colored studs or food props) into the rear dumper that can be manually tilted up to dump the garbage through the swinging tailgate.


MochiMaster Hasse and his co-designers added two waste-management minifigures with cleaning props. The truck also comes with variable door logo plates identifying it as either a garbage, recycling or compost collector. The design is also uniform so that the bin arm and control knobs can go either right-side or left-side road pickup, making it international.


A meaningful build

The Hasse father-and-son team conceptualized the Automated Garbage Truck to both be a fun LEGO City-compatible set and as a message to take your trash out, segregate and recycle them.


If you’d like your LEGO City community to be kept clean in an involved way, add your support (they already have 2,993 with 529 days left) to MochiMaster’s submission page.

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  1. Thanks for the great article! I’m the father from the father/son team that designed the truck. If you have any questions, just let me know and we definitely appreciate and need your support!

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