Celebrate 80 Years of Batman with Anniversary-Edition LEGO Batman Sets

LEGO 76122 Batman Batcave Vlayface Invasion 01

In 1939, the creative tandem of Bob Kane and Bill Finger created a new character for the flagship anthology series of Detective Comics Inc. Debuting in issue 27 on March (dated May on print), the Batman became a runaway hit character, and one pillar of its publishing company that would later be called DC Comics.

Eight decades have passed since then. Batman too and his supporting cast have been through plenty of characterization changes. But his core story – a victim of tragedy that became a crusader of justice – remains the same. It’s this 80-year legacy that’s being celebrated this year.

And we can count on LEGO to be part of the Batman milestone celebration too. “LEGO Movie” and sequel? “LEGO Batman Movie” and planned sequel? They’re very invested on the Caped Crusader/Dark Knight too. That’s why they’ve announced some new LEGO Batman sets coming soon. These sets are all Batman, and everything he stands for:


  1. 200 pieces to assemble Bat-quad-cycle and Mr. Freeze’s snowmobile; quad-cycle can separate into two Bat-cycles for Batman and Robin
  2. Includes minifigures of Batman, (fifth) Robin (Damian Wayne) and Mr. Freeze (all new for 2019)
  3. Accessories range from stud-shooters and (non-firing) Freeze Gun, to Batarang, grappling-hook launcher and Robin’s sword; accessories can either be attached to Bat-quad-cycle or handheld
  • Batmobile: Pursuit of The Joker (76119) – $29.99


  1. 342 pieces to assemble Batmobile; armed with fold-out stud-shooters
  2. Includes Batman and Joker minifigures (new for 2019), with Batarang and stud-shooting Joker gun
  3. Assorted Bat-elements for customization
  • Batwing and The Riddler Heist (76120) – $49.99


  1. 489 pcs to assemble Batwing (with 2x tile-shooters and 2x tile-or-stud shooters), Riddler-copter (with 2x flick shooters, chain with hook and stolen safe with valuable contents) and GCPD police car (with removable roof)
  2. Includes new-for-2019 minifigures of Batman, Riddler, Commissioner Gordon and SHAZAM! Character props range from Batarang, non-firing gun, crowbar and SHAZAM! Power bursts
  3. Additional action pack elements for customization
  • Batcave Clayface Invasion (76122) – $99.99


  1. 1,038 pcs to build epic Batcave set and Bat-tank vehicle
  2. Plenty of new-for-2019 minifigures: Batman, Bruce Wayne, Batwoman, (fifth) Robin, Catwoman and Two-Face; also includes buildable Clayface figure
  3. Batcave consists of computer room with rotating chair; exercise corner; tech lab; trophy zone with iconic past case mementos; armory; jail and “transformation tower” to switch between Bruce Wayne and Batman minifigs
  4. Accessories include Batman- and Batwoman- use Batarangs, Catwoman’s whip and Two-Face’s (non-firing) gun, plus assorted Action Pack and Bat Family elements for customization
  5. Batcave jail rooftop has landing pad for Batwing from Batwing and The Riddler Heist (76120)
  • Batman vs. The Riddler Robbery (76137) – $9.99; 4+ set


  1. 59 pcs to assemble Batmobile, Riddler skateboard and ATM machince
  2. Includes minifigures of Batman and Riddler, the latter new for 2019; props range from Batarang to dynamite and crowbar, plus 2x 100 bills
  • Batman and The Joker Escape (76138) – $39.99, 4+ set


  1. 171 pcs to assemble Arkham Asylum façade, Bat-copter, Harley’s motorcycle (with chain) and Joker’s double-catapult (can be attached to chain)
  2. Minifigures of Batman, Arkham Asylum guard, and new-for-2019 Arkham inmates Joker and Harley Quinn
  3. Props include catapult bombs, guard radio, Harley’s baseball bat, and Arkham-confiscated villain accessories (Penguin’s top hat, Scarecrow’s fear-gas tank, and Mr. Freeze’s gun

Possible release for these sets is June 2019, judging from official product info. Whether you’re humming the campy 60s theme, the dark instrumentation of Danny Elfman, or  even LEGO Batman’s metal soundtrack while you play, LEGO Batman’s 80th Anniversary sets are all must-haves.

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