Fiffh LEGO Ideas 10K Passer for First 2019 Review Stage: Endangered New Zealand Kakapo by FlancrestEnterprises

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The First 2019 Review Stage of LEGO Ideas is shaping to be a primarily building-based batch of submissions. Of the four 10-K product ideas awaiting review, three are structures (a historical building, a TV show interior set, and a classic-theme throwback). Only a quirky anatomical model’s the odd bird out.

Speaking of birds, what a coincidence! FlancrestEnterprises on LEGO Ideas has succeeded in getting a product idea up to 10,000 supporters. Said submission is a brick-built model of a very fascinating New Zealand bird. FlancrestEnterprises hopes it can increase awareness of the plight of this rare and critically endangered species.

The Kakapo or owl parrot is a flightless nocturnal parrot, endemic to New Zealand. It’s said to be one of the bird species with the longest potential lifespan. That hasn’t helped the Kakapo population, which is now numbered at less than 150, all named by observers and under close watch.

FlancrestEnterprises designed a brick-built Kakapo, with about 437 LEGO pieces of the birds’ green and brown plumage. Points of articulation include wings and tail feathers, and its printed-tile eyes were repurposed from BrickHeadz sets. Here’s a comparison of the Ideas Kakapo and the real thing.

This set does double-duty as a LEGO display piece (in lieu of creepy stuffed birds) and as an ad campaign for New Zealand’s conservation efforts to keep the Kakapos thriving. Perhaps that will give this work by FlancrestEnterprises some oomph with the reviewers, similar to the feelings of sympathy elicited by the Museu Nacional set, in honor the of the real one which burned down.

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