New 10-K Support Passer for Possible LEGO Ideas First 2019 Review Stage: NBC’s “The Office”

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As we proceed further along the year 2019, it’s only a matter of time before a new batch of product ideas begin racking up 10,000 supporters to join the next LEGO Ideas review stage. Among the first submissions to be pending review this year are the Rio de Janeiro Museu Nacional and the very quirky Anatomini set. They are now followed by a new addition.

Similar to one of the chosen submission from the Second 2018 Review Stage, this product idea by the suitably-codenamed theoffice_lego, is inspired by the NBC sitcom “The Office.” It’s a building interior model replicating the primary setting of the show.


To fully capture every notable detail in the office building of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Co. branch in Scranton, Pennsylvania, theoffice_lego had to make the set big, with a total area of 17”x19”. Despite the size, he used just under 2,500 pieces to complete it (total count not yet finalized).


One other neat feature of this set for “The Office” is its easy separation into three sections to better facilitate play and vignette-posing at specific places of the whole thing. It also helps viewers to get a better viewing angle of every decoration, accessory and fluff pieces put in there.

“The Office” set comes with 14 minifigures representing the show’s pretty large cast: five from Sales, three from Accounting and six more, including main character Michael Scott. All of them have their own workspace and personal accessories for setting scenes.


This is an ambitious project that could blow similar interior sets out of the water with its intricacy and provisions for ease of play. We definitely want to wish the best for theoffice_lego when this set joins its fellows on the Ideas First 2019 Review Stage to come before review.


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