“KaLEGOscope”: Uniquely Designed Brick-Built Kaleidoscope Needs Support on LEGO Ideas

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Thus far the product ideas being supported for the First 2019 Review Stage in LEGO Ideas – plus the preceding submissions – could be considered “safe” choices. They run the gamut from buildings to vehicles to buildable figures. It’s not often we see something unique in LEGO Ideas. This is one time.

Ideas member BrickPiper is putting an amazing LEGO spin to the 1816 marvel created by Sir David Brewster: the kaleidoscope. BrickPiper’s version is, appropriately, called the “KaLEGOscope.” It’s simply amazing how LEGO pieces (with some extras) come together to create what should be a clunky optical device, but it works.

In BrickPiper’s innovative design, the KaLEGOscope looks positively space-age. It has an all-white framework with the triangular mirrored inner walls (one vital component of a kaleidoscope), upon which rests a long rod holding a clear circular container with colored LEGO elements. These elements are then viewed through the triangular tube frame for the kaleidoscope effect.

Mechanisms include spinning the container to get the full optical effect of the colored pieces in the viewing container. Speaking of which, the clear container can be opened so users can insert their own colorful LEGO pieces or other trinkets to change up the patterns formed in the viewing mirrors.


We have to give props to how BrickPiper noted that he repurposed mirror pieces from the retired LEGO Creator Detective’s Office (10246) for this build. Yes, the mirrors are official LEGO elements too! It currently has 1,506 supporters with 578 days left to make 20-K. You know this set deserves support; we hope it gets that and so much more.

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