More LEGO Videogames Coming Out: “LEGO Brawls” and “LEGO Arthouse” for Apple Arcade Platform

lego brawls

The gaming corner of LEGO looks to be getting bigger all the time. Whether it’s the major consoles like the titles from WB Interactive and Traveller’s Tales, or mobile apps from various developers, the brand’s got electronic entertainment down pat. And they’re only getting started, according to this new announcement.

On Monday this week, Apple announced their upcoming videogame subscription service Apple Arcade, set to launch this fall. The platform will allow cross-saving of in-game status on all Apple platforms: macOS, tvOS and iOS. Among the brands and developers involved is, obviously, LEGO; and they’ve got two games lined up.

First on LEGO’s Apple Arcade exclusive releases is Red Games’ “LEGO Brawls.” From first glance it looks like a spin on the “Super Smash Bros” comical-fighting game genre, in a LEGO skin. That’s been a thing with LEGO videogames lately. As seen in the video, the LEGO motif is integrated seamlessly into the familiar Smash “get hit off-screen” gameplay experience.

Players of “LEGO Brawls” look to be able to customize their minifigure avatars with a fun variety of costumes and weapons. Brick-building mechanics seem to be included in the trailer, as characters traverse multi-layered platform environments beating each other up.

Other than that, there’s been no info on what the second reported Apple Arcade exclusive, “LEGO Arthouse,” is like. We can however expect these two as launch titles for Apple Arcade platform in fall 2019.

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