LEGO Forma Building Instructions Now Available Online, Plus PDF Downloads of Skin Patterns

LEGO FORMA box art

In late November, LEGO tested out a new product line through an unconventional avenue, the Indiegogo crowd-funding platform. Their campaign was stupendously successful, with the hybrid brick-and-colored-skin building system appealing massively to AFOLs. Preorders of the LEGO Forma limited sets were off the charts, it’s no wonder they’re uncommon now.

For those who were interested in trying out the LEGO Forma sets but didn’t manage to get in the preordering blitz, here’s good news. LEGO has decided to make available the uniform building instructions for the sets online. The instructions, in PDF form, detail how to make the internal mechanics and base using Technic pieces.

After all, the LEGO Forma build is simply the articulated “skeleton” of an aquatic animal, supported by a base with a manual mechanism that causes the framework to “swim.” Over the LEGO skeleton goes a variation of paper skins colored to look like anything from Japanese koi to a shark.


Wouldn’t you know it, LEGO has that covered too. Also available for download are PDFs of the aforementioned Forma skin variations. Simply print the patterns on sturdy paper, the go wild on the whiteness with your choice of colors. It’s this sort of creative potential that’s enamored AFOLs with Forma.

LEGO hasn’t made any announcements on when there might be new releases of Forma sets in the future. Until then however, fans can build their own colorful brick-and-skin fishes using the instructions and patterns provided.

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