Designer Video for LEGO Creator Ford Mustang (10265) and Other Extras to be had with Purchase

LEGO Creator Expert Ford Mustang (10265)

It was a time for LEGO and retro automobile fans to rejoice last Friday as the LEGO Creator Ford Mustang (10265) was finally released. Not only was the set itself made available, it also came with the sweet collectible keychain (5005822) that works great to show off their owners’ “new” LEGO car.

Hopefully there’s enough stock for that extra goody in stores and on Shop@Home to last until March 10. Apparently over the weekend the keychain (5005822) failed to show up on customers’ purchase carts at Shop@Home despite picking up the Creator Mustang (10265). It has happened a few times with extras before, and should be back to normal now.


Moving on, there’s also another related event that always comes in the heels of major LEGO set releases. There’s no prize for guessing right; the designer video for the LEGO Creator Ford Mustang (10265) online. The video is hosted by the Creator Mustang’s chief designers, Carl Merriam & Mani Zamani.

But there’s more, essentially proving that Creator 10265 is easily one of the biggest products brought out by LEGO this year. If customers bought the set from a store, their purchase will come with yet another freebie: a bumper sticker.

This extra gift, like the keychain (5005822), is totally geared for AFOLs in general and car owners in particular. You’ve got to love the sassiness of a statement like “My other car is a Mustang,” as shared by fellow LEGO news source Avenue of Bricks.


LEGO has even launched an informal promo campaign to have Creator Mustang (10265) buyers that got the sticker to post a photo of it on their cars and share it on social media (LEGO’s pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). Add the LEGO Ideas contest and it’s a promotional extravaganza.

So there you have it. Nothing more needs to be said about how the LEGO Creator Ford Mustang (10265) is one priority purchase for LEGO fans, car enthusiast or otherwise.

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