New LEGO Mobile App “LEGO Tower Game” Announced, Coming this Summer

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In case you haven’t noticed, LEGO seems to have a finger in a lot of mobile gaming developer pies lately. On the one hand they’re among the pioneers in pushing the augmented-reality (AR) and toy-interaction experience with “LEGO Hidden Side.” But they also have development partnerships working on “conventional” titles.

Enter “LEGO Tower,” another LEGO-themed mobile game app developed in partnership with NimbleBit, due for a summer 2019 release. This game basically takes NimbleBit’s killer app, “TinyTower,” and putting a LEGO-brick sin over it. The result is a remarkably good-looking app experience where players build and manage towering skyscraper complexes.

“LEGO Tower” has players act as the developer of their own skyscraper, which they expand upwards, storey by storey. Each floor is rented to tenants to open a variety of establishments, from apartments, to shops and similar businesses. Minifigure tenants are unlocked as the game progress and the tower grows.

While the app release is still some time off, LEGO and NimbleBit are launching a contest to hype player interest. Said online contest, launching next week on LEGO Ideas, will have contestants submitting their MOC builds for a chance of inclusion in “LEGO Tower.” Now that’s definitely a golden opportunity.

NimbleBit co-founder David Marsh says it was their company’s dream come true, having LEGO adapt one of their previous titles. Time will tell if LEGO mobile gamers will agree, or if old players of NimbleBit’s “TinyTower” will like “LEGO Tower” as much. The new app will be available for both iOS and Google Play Store.

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