“Brick Fanatics Magazine” Issue 4 Out Now

Brick Fanatics Magazine Issue 4 cover banner

It’s right about that time of the month again. Our fellow LEGO news source Brick Fanatics took the big step of going into print just as the year 2018 was ending. Thus far they’ve made good time in sticking to their monthly magazine’s release period. Their fourth issue’s come out.

The mission statement of “Brick Fanatics Magazine” has been to encourage and help readers in using LEGO to build worlds. For their Issue 4, the cover focus is on LEGO car sets, from the complex Technic products to the smaller Speed Champions vehicles like the featured Mini Cooper S (75894).


As for the Technic car feature, it involves a comparison between the real McLaren Senna racer and its LEGO Technic counterpart (75892), with interviews from the designers of both versions. Another interview involves Ideas fan designer Andrew Clark, whose brilliant imagination was the source of LEGO Ideas Flintstones (21316). It even has a boulder-car too.

Other articles and features to be found in “Brick Fanatics Magazine” #4 include a spotlight on LEGO Ninjago Legacy, a six-page special look at LEGO Star Wars on its 20th Anniversary, a run-through of the “Hidden Side” mobile game app and product line, plus so much more they haven’t revealed.

Readers can find out what else is in store for themselves by ordering their copy of “Brick Fanatics Magazine” issue 4 here. They can also avail of subscription rates for either 12 or 24 issues, or back copies of the previous three they’ve already released. Alternatively, many US and UK LEGO fans can wait for the latest “Brick Fanatics” hardcopy to hit bookstores in April.

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