A Look at LEGO’s April Fools Prank for 2019


We decided to write this stuff after the day in question itself to make sure its true nature is known. Anyway, yesterday was April Fools’ and that means there were plenty of zingers for suckers both in real-life and online. LEGO’s an old hat with this in their social media.

If you might recall, last year the LEGO Twitter page “introduced” a “brick vacuum cleaner” for sucking up loose pieces. This year they’re continuing the April Fools’ theme of wacky tools for managing LEGO. Now the problem being ostensibly addressed is helping builders find the right pieces in a pile.

To “help” with that they announced the “Find My Brick,” a phone app that obviously rips off similar apps on the market. At least LEGO’s trying to put spins on the joke. Find My Brick apparently uses some AR offshoot, where users select a particular brick on its online database and points the phone-cam at a pile of LEGO bricks.

As seen in the image above, the app would scan the brick pile and pick out the bricks matching the selection made in the app. They even get glowing outlines on the screen like a standard sci-fi HUD. Frivolous? Yes. Self-indulgent? Yes. Funny? Definitely yes.

Comments on LEGO’s April Fools Twitter entry even contain some posts that feel the Find My Brick spoof app to be potentially useful. They even asked the toy giant to make it real. For this writer that indicates the one-day gag just works too well.

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