Addams Family Mansion (Modular) by afol777 Gets 10-K Supporters on LEGO Ideas

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On LEGO Ideas, the “If at first you don’t succeed” adage is a common occurrence. Some product ideas might make it to 10,000 supporters only to lose out during review. Other submissions don’t even get that far before time runs out. But for many Ideas members, that only means they’ll rework their builds and try to run the gauntlet again.

Take for instance this product idea by afol777. It’s based on the sixties sitcom-turned-modest media franchise “The Addams Family,” and depicts their macabre-style residence. Ideas member afol777 made an earlier build of this in 2016 that gained the necessary support but never passed review. Now he’s made a new version.


Believing that his original Addams Family Mansion was too unwieldy at over 7,000 pieces, afol777 went and trimmed the piece count to just less than 3,000. He also made the structure modular, with the mansion’s three floors a removable segment to better see the interiors.


While comparisons between the original make and its modular revision show reduction in details, the new modular Addams Family Mansion is just as creepily fun. All points of interest for the house in the original TV series are there, and the set has eight minifigures: the family members Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley, Uncle Fester, Grandmamma and Cousin It Addams, plus the constantly groaning butler Lurch.


It’s time to crank up that familiar finger-snapping theme tune to “The Addams Family” as their mansion, rebuilt anew in LEGO, once again attempts to pass Review on LEGO Ideas. It’ll be up against similar building-themed product ideas, and one’s even a sitcom interior set.

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