Annual Passes Now Available for LEGO House in Billund

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When a resort theme park has been well established and operating for as long as LEGOLAND, they’d have plenty of admission options for guests to select from. Aside from one-off tickets, they might have special packages and even the vaunted annual pass. With that, you’d be allowed repeatedly inside for a year barring off-limits days.

LEGO House in Billund, Denmark isn’t part of the LEGOLAND chain. It is after all an “experience house” that hosts LEGO exhibits, special events, and a LEGO Store. But since opening in 2017 it’s attracted lots of visitors arriving at LEGO’s hometown. Perhaps that’s why they’re confident in launching this.

The Home of the Brick is announcing that they are introducing annual passes as a new means of admission for the attraction. It will begin this April 13, and for a limited time until the 28th the LEGO House annual pass has a special rate.

During its introduction, guests to LEGO House can upgrade their 199 Danish krone ($29.92) single-entry day ticket into an annual pass by adding just another hundred kroner (for 299 DKK). With that, potentially the next 365 days from the date of issuance is now open to you at LEGO House.

If you can’t plan on visiting Billund and the Home of the Brick anytime soon, note that after Easter Sunday (April 28) an individual annual pass will jump to 399 DKK. LEGO House annual passes can only be obtained in person at their Information desk. Those wishing to convert their day tickets may do so within the ticket’s validity period.

Annual pass-holders for the Home of the Brick are reserved only a limited number of tickets for use. This means that when visiting LEGO House during peak tourist season, even pass-holders are not guaranteed access. Other than that, they’re free to enjoy at LEGO House.

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