Duke University (NC) Senior Records Campus Life with Shoulder-Camera Rig Made from LEGO Pieces

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We’ve covered a number of LEGO MOCs in the past that have gone beyond mere play or aesthetic purposes. These builds were of a utilitarian bent, like the wheeled frame for a post-surgery recovering animal, made from Technic pieces. Reading about them certainly reaffirms the sheer function versatility of LEGO.

Now here’s another MOC we found that may be worth talking about. Back when Jeffrey Wubbenhorst started as a freshman in Duke University, North Carolina, he was inspired to try recording his life as a student. His idea was to mount a camera frame on his backpack, pointing front over his left shoulder. His search for a steadying material to mount his GoPro cam led him to using LEGO Technic.

Thus, with his shoulder-camera LEGO-mounting named “Felix,” Wubbenhorst began documenting how he spent his day studying and attending classes at Duke, as well as other activities in between all that.

“I also have some kind of understanding that life at Duke is not normal,” says Wubbenhorst, “and that not-normalcy should probably be preserved for posterity.”

Now a Duke Senior, Wubbenhorst remarks that the constant presence of his recording camera somehow helped him make friends around campus, due to interest in his video-taking and the LEGO rig he uses for it. The fact that footage is constantly being recorded of his interactions has also aided him in keeping his “social consciousness.”

Wubbenhorst has begun uploading some of his video footage on YouTube. Thus far sample footage looks relatively stable for being atop his shoulder, a testament to Wubbenhorst relying on stable construction offered by LEGO sets.

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