Ideas Submission “Legend of Zelda: BOTW” Stable Seeks Support to Become Major Nintendo-Licensed LEGO Set

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Whenever we at The Brick Show find an interesting product idea on LEGO Ideas, we try to shine the spotlight. This new submission we’re featuring to our readers would fit right in (sort of) with LEGO trying to secure IP franchises based on videogames. But rather than a PC title, this one’s for a console.

LEGO Ideas member and Redditor Hanwasyellowfirst, has conceptualized a set based on the arguable “killer app” game for the Nintendo Switch on its debut year: “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.” It depicts a common location of that game’s world, plus a collection of very quirky minifigures too.


Due to the expansive environment in “Breath of the Wild” there are several Stables scattered around that would hire out horses for travelers like Link. This is the structure interpreted in LEGO by Hanwasyellowfirst. It’s nominally a one-story building topped with a wooden horse-head sculpture.


Areas in the “BOTW” Stable building include the stable proper (with three LEGO horse figures), a smithy fire-pit, benches, storage crates, and a varied display of weapons and crafting ingredients. It’s populated with minifigures of Link, the Stable master, Pikango, Beedle, Kaas, another traveller (with backpack) and a mystery character.


LEGO hasn’t released any set or product licensed from Nintendo. Past LEGO Ideas submissions depicting the “BOTW” title haven’t taken off either. This “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” Stable has impressed about 4,528 LEGO Ideas supporters so far. It still has 565 days left to reach 10,000 and make review. Nintendo Switch owners who have played “BOTW” should certainly support this.

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