LEGO Ideas Releases Steamboat Willie (21317) Designer Video

21317 Box1 v29

As its release nears, fans waiting for the LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie (21317) must be hearing whistling in their heads. Indeed, Mickey Mouse’s whistling ditty from the 1928 short is looping in this writer’s head as the anticipation builds. Disney fans who appreciate the classics can’t say no here either.

With the Steamboat Willie set (21317) arriving April 1, the time’s arrived for it to be documented, as major sets usually are, with an official designer video. To sell the iconic age of the media the set depicts, said video is in black and white, with characteristic dots and scratches.

LEGO designer John Ho, who led the team that created the final official version of the original Product Idea by Máté Szabó, talks about the set’s build. He draws attention to the internal mechanism wherein, when the steamboat is rolled along the floor on its concealed wheels, they in turn drive the side paddle wheels and the alternating twin smokestacks.

Collectors will definitely love the LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie (21317) for its effective reference the original medium to make an attractive set despite being only in shades of black, white and gray. The mechanics involved also make interesting brick-building study.

Don’t forget that this Ideas set is averting April Fools’ Day by releasing this Monday. Collectors in Florida and Paris can even try going to their nearby Disney theme parks later this month if they want their Steamboat Willie (21317) sets signed by the creator.

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