LEGO Promotes Star Wars Tantive IV Set (75244) with Stop Motion Video Evoking “Rogue One” for Kids


It may not be on an epic scale as the humongous UCS Millennium Falcon set (75192), but this year’s big LEGO Star Wars ship build, the Tantive IV (75244), is getting plenty of well-earned attention. While it won’t become available until the May the Fourth “Star Wars” celebration, LEGO has had time to do a nifty promotion for the set.

Said promotion is in the form of a stop-motion video, “Escape from Scarif.” Narrated by a young LEGO fan as a “Star Wars battle story,” said video is a vignette of the Tantive IV (75244) from the climactic battle of the 2016 spinoff “Rogue One.”

Anyone who’s seen the film, a direct prequel to the original “Star Wars” film (now “Episode IV – A New Hope”) would recall the Tantive IV escaping with the Death Star plans and Darth Vader in pursuit. But this snippet shows an additional scene that makes the whole harrowing getaway more fun in a LEGO way.

Since this is LEGO, a toy brand primarily aimed at children, the gorier details from the “Rogue One” action sequence are excised. Rather than slicing and dicing, LEGO-Vader just Force-pushes his opposition. And when the Tantive’s hyperspace drive falls apart before they reach light-speed, LEGO-Leia reassembles it Master Builder style.

Interestingly, the video uses the tagline “The Greatest Battles are Built by You.” This paraphrases the title of a contest on LEGO Ideas for MOC-ing a LEGO Star Wars battle scene. The Tantive IV (75244) is a prize there too, and the contest period ends May 4, with the winners to be announced May 29.

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