Toys R Us Returning to US in Smaller Sizes According to Licensing Company TRU Kids


The rise and fall of Toys R Us as a US toy retailer was big news a year ago. Following some hiccups and hurdles, the reorganized TRU Kids licensing company is ready to re-launch TRU stateside again. But those who remember the massive Toys R US of the past might be surprised at the changes.

In a move of supreme confidence, TRU Kids announced their intentions to open several Toys R Us stores in the US before the Holidays. But citing the evolution of toy retail from their heyday, the company’s looking to dial down in terms of store size.

Where former TRU stores ranged in floor area between 20,000 to 50,000 square feet, the new ones that TRU Kids plan to open will only be around 10,000 by comparison. This decision was in response to the perceived decline in warehouse-style retail stores these days.

TRU Kids CEO Richard Barry noted the scaled-down nature of the company that was once a toy retail giant. He compares their present organization to a “startup firm.” That explains their earlier move in making the Geoffrey’s Toy Box store-within-a-store announced in October 2018. These Toy Boxes opened in 600 Kroger stores across the country.

Further details about the US return of Toys R Us will have to wait until June to be announced, according to TRU Kids. Analysts believe the very first new stores might be opened in New Jersey and Long Island, not far from the company’s headquarters.

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