Next DLC for “LEGO DC Super-Villians”: 2 Movie Packs for Newly-Premiered “SHAZAM!”

Shazam 1

“LEGO DC Super-Villains” from WB Interactive and Traveller’s Tales came out in October last year. But since then it’s been graciously supported by the developers with regular DLC releases. The new downloadable stuff, which includes new costumes/characters and levels, come in many themes. A common theme with DLC releases times them with major Warner-DC films.

Following a tie-in DLC for “Aquaman” last year in “LDCSV,” the latest batch of additional content is now about the newly-premiered DCEU film “Shazam!” What’s even better is that the promotion for this DLC is being done by actor Zachary Levi, who plays Shazam himself in the namesake superhero film.

Specifically, the “Shazam!” pack for “LEGO DC Super-Villains” adds one stage based on the movie. It also adds Billy Batson and his foster-brother Freddy Freeman as characters. Billy can transform into his superhero alter ego Shazam, with Superman-like powers plus lightning attacks. In a film spoiler, the lame Freddy also gets the ability to transform via the power of Shazam.

With Billy/Shazam and Freddy in the spotlight, the stage is set to battle the sinister Dr. Sivana, host of the Seven Deadly Sins. Four of these sins can also manifest as separate monsters for the player’s characters to take down.

The “LDCSV” DLC pack for “Shazam!” comes in two parts. The first is available now to the game’s Season Pass holders (and owners of the Deluxe Edition). The second part arrives later on April 23.

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