Next LEGO Architecture Set “Trafalgar Square” (21045) Up for Signing Event at Leicester Square LEGO Store this April

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The last significant things we heard regarding LEGO’s Architecture line was from last year. Two sets comprising what was supposed to be the first releases for 2019 came out November 2018 instead. We got nice skylines of San Francisco (21043) and Paris (21044) out of that. Now, word of a new set’s been (accidentally) revealed.

At least that’s how it seemed with an announcement by LEGO of a set signing event on their official Facebook page. The set in question is the latest Architecture set, numbered 21045. Rather than another skyline collection of a city’s famous structures, this one focuses on a certain London location.

Judging from the box image, LEGO Architecture Trafalgar Square (21045) is a beaut of a recreation. The set’s dominated by the National Gallery due north and Lord Nelson’s Column in the square. Fountains, statues, trees and (abstract) London vehicles on the roadways complete the picture.

LEGO designer Rok Zgalin Kobe will sign set boxes of his work on Architecture Trafalgar Square (21045) this coming April 27. He will be at the Leicester Square LEGO Store in London (naturally) from 11 AM to 2 PM local time. Each autograph seeker can only have two 21045 sets (and signatures) max per turn.

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