Official Images of LEGO Chinese Seasonal Set Dragon Boat Race (80103)

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One thing notable about the regional-exclusive LEGO sets for the Chinese market is the number of minifigures included. It can be said as characteristic of China, where there are a lot of people. Whether it’s an extended family gathering for New Year’s Dinner, or a team of dancers, these LEGO sets evoke strength in numbers.

That character is at its strongest with the third seasonal Chinese LEGO set, the Dragon Boat Race (80103). As stated, it depicts a competition between two dragon boat teams witnessed by onshore onlookers and a contest judge. With five members to each boat plus extras, there are 15 minifigures total.

We first got to see this set thanks to images from an online Macau retailer. Its official release is on May 1 but for disappointed collectors bemoaning its market-exclusivity, worry no more. LEGO has announced a scheme to make regional exclusives released after a certain period to be generally available after 3 to six months.


While it no longer includes its earlier-released brother sets, LEGO Dragon Boat Race (80103) will surely fall into the first batch of exclusives to see wider availability. It’s certainly a nice set, a great commemoration for the June 7 date of the 2019 Dragon Boat Festival for which the race is done as a highlight.

We can also thank Brick Set and eBay for these official images with which we can finally see the finer details of this seasonal set.

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