Two More LEGO Harry Potter Sets from Now to Holidays: Knight Bus (75957) and Advent Calendar (75964)

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Last week we got our first good look at the upcoming summer releases for the LEGO Harry Potter line. Some of these sets are recreations of powerful scenes from the books/films. Others are apparent additions to a larger Hogwarts School complex outside of the micro-scale set. There were also other accompanying sets that weren’t previewed.

Now, we have official images of two more sets for this popular theme. One’s releasing when the others do. The other is an advance for the 2019 Holiday season, still eight months away. So soon we’ll have the funny-awesome Knight Bus (75957) from “Prisoner of Azkaban” and this year’s annual Harry Potter Advent Calendar (75964).

Knight Bus (75957) – $39.99/£34.99/€39.99

  • 403 pieces to make triple-decker purple Knight Bus; removable roof for top deck and movable side panel for other decks’ interior, with sliding bed; includes minifigures of Harry Potter, conductor Stan Shunpike and driver Ernie Prang


2019 LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar (75964) – $39.99

  • 305 pieces to create a variety of micro-builds to celebrate this year’s Yule Ball, Hogwarts-style; 24 gifts include seven minifigures, Hedwig owl figure, props for Hogwarts great hall interior furnishings, Holiday gifts, and a Hogwarts Express train; back of box has decorative backdrop for building advent setting
  • Available early as September 1


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