Want More LEGO-Themed Accessories? How About these Storage Brick-Boxes Available on Amazon?

The interlocking-brick system that defines the LEGO toy brand and its products has also proven itself a popular design aesthetic. Independent designers have made furniture that is “compatible” with LEGO bricks, or brick-shaped Halloween costumes. There has also been licensed decorative merchandise such as large stud-shaped wall hangers on Amazon.

Speaking of Amazon, some more LEGO-themed products have been found listed on their platform. These are brick-shaped plastic storage boxes good for keeping little things organized, like LEGO bricks. They come in either box form, with an enclosing top lid shaped like a brick’s pegs, or drawer form with drawers coming out of one side.

Amazon’s LEGO Storage Box listings also include variations in color and shape. They’ve got primary colors as well as different shades. Box shapes consists of slim 1×2 bricks right up to the big 2×4. The boxes are also stackable like the LEGO image they invoke.

We have here a sampling of the LEGO Brick Storage Boxes found on Amazon. Listed below are some notable items:

  1. Storage Brick 2 (1×2) Bright Blue – $24.99 $11.99
  2. Storage Brick 4 (2×2) White – $29.99 $20.35
  3. LEGO Desk Drawer 4 (2×2) Red – $11.99
  4. Storage Box 8 (2×4) Red$39.94 $29.39
  5. Desk Drawer 8 (2×4) Blue – $16.99
  6. Brick 2-Drawer 8 (2×4) Black – $92.76
  7. Storage Boxes (includes 1×1 Stud, 1×1 Brick, 1×2 Brick) – $34.99 $31.99

As is seen, some of these items have discounts.


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