LEGO City Space Satellite (30365) Polybag Spotted

LEGO City Space Satellite (30365)

Hot on the heels of LEGO’s latest tease about the next LEGO Creator Expert outer space set, it looks like the latest rehashed LEGO Space theme will be having a polybag to complement its NASA-inspired sets. Spotted by a LEGO fan in Austria, and shared over Reddit, we now have a look at the LEGO City Space Satellite (30365) polybag, as you can see below.

Found this set in Austria for 2€(supposed to release in August) from lego

As shared by Reddit user generic9yo, this particular polybag takes its cue from the famous NASA space station spacewalkers. The obvious takeaway from this polybag is the astronaut minifigure donned with a golden helmet. It’s a great way to stack up on those astronaut minifigs for that latest space mission MOC that you are working on. As of the moment, this minifigure is only made available in three out of seven 2019 LEGO City Space sets, namely together with Satellite Service Mission (60224), Mars Research Shuttle (60226), and Lunar Space Station (60227). It was in 2015 when we last saw this astronaut minifigure, so its a great move from LEGO to re-introduce this little fella.

Similar to previous polybags, the LEGO City Space  Satellite (30365) polybag will most likely be a LEGO promotional that goes with the release of the LEGO City Space sets once they’re made available this summer at LEGO stores and at Nevertheless, we’ll keep you posted once we hear some words about their availability which we expect to be sometime next month.  Thanks to the Brick Fan for the tip, and to Brickset for the featured image.

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