LEGO Hidden Side First Official Set Images Released

LEGO Hidden Side

Releasing a toy line that interacts with a mobile game app doesn’t happen in a day. That’s the story behind the LEGO Hidden Side, a spooky-themed new line of sets introduced in February. We know the backstory. We’ve seen the app features and sets. Now we get to see the official packaging. We can thank Amazon UK for finally listing the sets for LEGO Hidden Side. Thus far there are seven sets shown. Each depicts a landmark or location in the game setting of Newbury High School. The LEGO Hidden Side has players exploring these locales which transform into haunted versions when night falls.

J.B.’s Ghost Lab (70418)

Laboratory setup with spirit portal; three minifigures and one “ghost-dog” figure

LEGO Hidden Side


Wrecked Shrimp Boat (70419)

Features a river tugboat and kayak with haunted waterfront, four minifigures, one ghost-dog, and one gator figure.

LEGO Hidden Side614gxVCcYOL._SL1306_

Graveyard Mystery (70420)

Features a haunted cemetery with five minifigures (one skeleton and one angel statue) plus a ghost-dog figure.

LEGO Hidden Side61-tBArUYgL._SL1290_

El Fuego’s Stunt Truck (70421)

Features a weapon-laden monster truck and tricycle, four minfiigures (two ghosts) and (again) one ghost-dog figure.

LEGO Hidden Side71ZnFCojp3L._SL1359_

Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000 (70423)

Features a ghost-hunting ready school bus, roadwork obstacles and port-a-potty, five minifigures (two ghosts) and that ghost-dog figure once again.

LEGO Hidden Side71udgj8uxVL._SL1321_

Ghost Train Express (70424)

Haunted ghost-train (with track) and station; five minifigures (two ghosts) and you-know-what.

LEGO Hidden Side


Newbury Haunted High School (70425)

By far, this set is the largest in the LEGO Hidden Side theme. It is also the central location for the events in the story where the Newbury High school building transforms into a Monster House at night. The set includes seven minifigures, three of which are ghosts or spooky creatures, including the ghost-dog figure.

LEGO Hidden Side719gucv88PL._SL1424_

From the original product announcement months ago, there’s actually one more set that wasn’t featured here. It’s the LEGO Hidden Side Shrimp Shack Attack (70422). It’ll probably pop up later, whether on Amazon UK too or someplace else. This latest theme, both its sets and app, are scheduled to be released sometime late summer this year.

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